Sanelisiwe ‘Sane’ Bhengu is a South African private chef, reality TV star, and food and travel influencer. She is best known for appearing in season 3 of the Real Housewives of Durban.

Apart from being a private chef, Sane Bhengu appeared in an episode of Come Dine With Me South Africa.


Sane Bhengu was going through a lot in her business investment the first time she was approached in Season 1. She was not ready since her investment went wrong.

In season 2, she was yet to be ready but joined in season 3. She joined as a friend of the show.

Sane appeared first on the show in February 2023. On the week of her debut, she exchanged heatedly with former cast member Londiwe Zulu, aka Londie London.

Londie London received verbal baptism about her relationship problems from Sane. She began as a guest of Sorisha Naidoo at her spa opening. She says viewers can look forward to more drama this season

Personal Life

Sane Bhengu loves to travel and eats out almost every day. She tries out new restaurants almost daily and enjoys doing it. To summarize it all, she loves food and champagne.

Death Threat

Sane had a protection order filed against her for intimidation and death threats. In 2020, Sunday World reported that the law granted Thobani Nzuza a protection order against Sane.

Sane had hired hitmen to get him killed. The court papers read;

“It was her, Senelisiwe, and the three guys, which she claims to be her hitmen. They broke into my room, kicked one of my friends whom I had left in my room,”

Social Profile

Bhengu takes most of her activities and lifestyle to social media. She is on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. On her private Instagram account, she has over 67.6k followers.

The influencer has thousands of followers on other media platforms such as Twitter and YouTube.

Although Sane is a private chef, she also posts gossip on her YouTube channel. It has several videos about rumors and cheating scandals.

Real Housewives of Durban

Annie Mthembu threatened to sue Sane Bhengu after they had been feuding. Their feud began when Sane called her a “Cape Town Coloured.”

In another episode, Sane trash-talked Annie’s marriage. She said that Annie was a “lousy PA who slept her way to the top.”

Annie is now married to Kgolo Mthembu and had worked for him before dating. Sane said Annie had allegedly slept her way to the top – from dancing in her husband’s clubs to becoming his assistant.

Sane also said she would not apologize because she knew Annie would not forgive her.


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