Liza Lopes Modupe is South African. She is best known as the wife of the actor and director Kagiso Modupe. They have one of the most respected couples in South Africa.

The House of Zwide director posted the moment Liza got the gift on Instagram, and she was emotional.

Kagiso, her husband, is best known for using his manhood in an advert. The role made him millions of Rands. He has starred in many other television productions like Losing Lerato. One of his daughters appeared in the flick.

The lovebirds often express their deep love for one another in various ways. Kagiso Modupe celebrated Liza Lopes by buying her a Mercedez Benz on Mother’s Day. The couple has two daughters.

His first child Tshimollo is an actress, like her father. She followed in her father’s footsteps and rising.

Tshuimollo appeared in a role in the production Losing Lerato, a flick her parents handled. Many had remarks to make about her acting. Some critics believed she might “be cut” for acting. She has her parents to support her, and the future is still bright.

Liza Lopes Modupe is a Twana beauty and is in love. With the Benz, the actor made Liza feel special as he appreciated her efforts in raising their kids and caring for him.


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