Tshifhiwa Maumela (born in 1959), best known as Judge Maumela, is a South African lawyer. He is the presiding Judge in Senzo Meyiwa’s murder case.

The Judge has worked as a presiding judge since 2012 after he received an appointment from former president Jacob Zuma. Since then, he has presided over countless cases.

Before the appointment, Maumela served as a magistrate and a prosecutor. He has been active in activism for a long time, even in school.

Early Years

Judge Maumela
 Judge Maumela biography
The arest experience reinforced his zeal for activism, and then he decided to gain the legal platform to combat similar acts of discrimination.
Birth Name:Tshifhiwa Maumela
Other Names:Judge Maumela
Born:1959 (age 62-63 years old)
Birthplace:South Africa
Nationality:South African
Alma mater:University of Venda
Occupation:Judge, Magistrate, Jurist
Years active:2012-date
Wife:Caroline Maumela

Judge Maumela was born in South Africa in 1959. He had a first-hand experience of Apartheid and suffered from racial segregation.

Coming from a black family was not easy. Both parents and children suffered from the segregation common in those discriminatory times.

Sometime in 1977, he had experiences with the police which changed and motivated him. The law enforcement officers pulled his hair and handcuffed him during an arrest.

As a judge, he has continued to speak up, fight for, and protect the interest of the voiceless. He has also passed sentences on many occasions.


After attending primary and secondary school in South Africa, he enrolled to study Law at the University of Venda. Studying in higher institutions came with a spoonful of activism in protest against ill-governance.


On January 30, 2012, Jacob Zuma appointed him Judge of the North Gauteng High Court, Pretoria. He is a high court Judge.

Maumela was a prosecutor and magistrate for years. Other highly profiled advocates have noticed his zeal and commitment to the field. Many describe him as a person who fought tirelessly for Justice all his life.

Fair judgments he passes, and his brilliance, have impressed many in the field. He is the presiding Judge in the murder case of goalkeeper Senzo Meyiwa. 

The courageous Judge began practicing as a lawyer in 2012, the same year Jacob Zuma appointed him. He got a lot of media and masses attention during the case of the murder of the goalkeeper.

Maumela has worked as a magistrate and a prosecutor. Being a law for him has a history and circumstances that changed his ideology. He studied Law after his arrest and torture in 1977.

In his words, the police handcuffed his hands and pulled him by his hair. It brought much pain and agony, which gave birth to his interest in Law.

Since that day, he refused to cut his hair in remembrance of the brutality that happened that day.


The police arrested the student activist for participating in a protest in 1976. It started peacefully and grew into a violent one in Limpopo. Students refused to agree with the police for dispersing a mass gathering.

They stoned the police vehicle as they protested to express their grievances. They stormed the government offices in Makwarela and set them ablaze.

According to Judge Maumela, the fallen student activists did not get national recognition until 1994. They celebrated the fallen hero of the Soweto uprising, which started in the early hours of June 16, 1976.

While arresting him, the police handcuffed him and pulled off his hair. The pain was severe that he concluded he would never cut his hair.

Personal Life


Judge Maumela has a wife named Caroline Maumela. They have continued to keep matters about them private. The nature of his work demands a discreet lifestyle.


With many years in the legal field comes experience and financial benefits. He prefers to keep information about his material possessions, like cars, off the public eye. Still, wants to see his latest car? Go for his next court trial.


Aside from his car, the Judge rather keep information about where he lives private. But many believe that he is living and can afford a comfortable house.

Net Worth

Tshifhiwa Maumela has been working as a lawyer since 2012. Over the years, he has acquired many material possessions and financial benefits. The Judge doesn’t show off his gains but receives handsome payments as a lawyer in South Africa.

According to The Nation, Judge Maumela is worth around R12 million as of September 2022.


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