Refentse Morake (born August 1, 1997) is an Afrikaans singer from South Africa. He won the Best Selling Album of the Year at the South African Music Awards for My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal.

The singer performs with a guitar and his voice. He began his singing career as a teenager. He then started to share his performances on social media.

One of his performances went viral and gained him prominence. He was singing while playing guitar on the sidewalk at his parent’s home in Unitaspark.

Refentse Morake
Refentse Morake biography
Refentse Morake is an award-winning South African singer who performs in Afrikaans language.
Short Profile
Full name:Refentse Morake
Born:August 1, 1997 (age 26 years old)
Place of birth:Vereeniging
Nationality:South African
Years active:2015-date
Instruments:Vocals, guitar
Record label:Sony Music Select
Awards:Best Selling Album of the Year at the 2016 South African Music Awards

Early Life

Refentse Morake was born on August 1, 1997 in a city south of Gauteng province called Vereeniging.

No one in his family knew how to speak Afrikaans when he joined a primary school in Meyerton on scholarship. His grandmother worked there as a janitor.

Going to school in Afrikaans from a young age and listening to Afrikaans’ music helped Refentse learn the language. He learned the language fast, and his Afrikaans music collection helped him too.

To encourage their son, they bought him Afrikaans albums. Not only did it help him listen to the songs he loved, but Refentse also started to learn the language.

Music Background

Refentse Morake family
Refentse Morake sitting on a brown horse.

Many became interested in him after watching his performance. He had returned from school and was playing the guitar and singing a song by Bok van Blerk titled De La Rey in 2015. 

Cecilia Marchionna asked to record him singing. After a go-ahead, she recorded the video and shared it on Facebook.

The performance went viral and hit 30 000 views on the first day. It reached 160 000 after four days and continued to grow. He never expected the video to go viral. He performed in Baron van Reede Street in Oudtshoorn in 2015.

Other celebrity singers started to notice his impressive performance. Karen Zoid, who was a passerby, appreciated his effort with R10. He has met and connected with many top personalities in the music scene. He started to receive an offer for a music contract.


Refentse writes and sings in Afrikaans. Karen Zoid helped him to record his first album, My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal, in 2016. His song serves as a tool to create unity in the nation. He tries to break racial boundaries through his music.

The black Afrikaans singer first got the attention of the public in 2015. A neighbor had posted a video of him singing and playing the guitar on Facebook. Since then, he has become a known singer in the country.

The singer has shared the stage with many seasoned singers. He has worked with Karen Zoid, Ricus Nel, Adam Tas, Bok van Berk, and Steve Hofmeyr. He brings an African flavor of sorts to the Afrikaans pop music scene.

As a teenager, Karen Zoid asked him to perform with her at the Klein Karoo Nasionale Kunstefees. She assisted him with recording his album My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal, in 2016. 

The album did well in sales on the iTunes music chart and won the South African Music Award for ‘The Best Selling Album of the Year’. He won four Ghoema awards for the album.


  • Best Selling Album of the Year at the 2016 South African Music Awards for My Hart Bly in ‘n Taal (Won).
  • Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album at the 2017 South African Music Award (Nominated).
  • Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album at the 2019 South African Music Award (Nominated).
  • Beste Kontemporêre Musiek Album at the 2021 South African Music Award (Nominated).
  • Best Live Audio Visual Recording at the 2021 South African Music Award (Nominated).



  • Let’s Get it Started Medley
  • Hardekole
  • Reggae Medley
  • Krone 6 Sokkie Medley
  • Krone 6 Finale Medley
  • Sonvanger
  • Vuil Vanderbijl
  • This Is Me Medley
  • Anoret
  • Laurika Rauch Medley
  • Oom Faan Se Plaas
  • Ons Maak Saak
  • Koos du Plessis Medley
  • What a Boytjie
  • Daai Deng
  • 30 Jaar van Select Musiek Medley
  • Sannie Die Loopdop
  • Digters Medley
  • Diere Medley
  • Rugby Wêreldbeker Medley
  • Stormnag
  • Jantjie
  • Baby Wat Eet Ons Vanaand?
  • Kampvuur Medley
  • Jy is Vrou Medley
  • Kopskud Medley
  • Sal Jy?
  • Dans Meraai
  • Jy
  • Breyten Se Brief
  • Die Blommetjie Medley
  • Die Perfekte Medley


  • My hart bly in ‘n taal (2016)
  • Deur my venster (2017)

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