Policies and Standards

Editorial Standards

  • Delivering the recommended editorial standard to our readers.
  • Operating in the public’s interest by posting relevant articles.
  • Writing accurate content anytime.
  • Publishing gathered, verified, and well-analyzed facts.
  • Writing without external influence or bias.
  • Informing, entertaining, and educating readers and other users.

Hate speech

  • We DO NOT discriminate against people using our content. We respect everyone despite their tribe, race, religion, origin, and belief.
  • None of our content should be a resource for harassing, intimidating, or bullying anyone.


Our resources, either text, videos, or pictures, doesn’t threaten or instigate a person’s harm.

This site doesn’t post content that has adult text or images, graphic images, and other explicit content. In the case of citing, such resources will get censored first.

We DO NOT support or encourage women and child abuse. We will not publish violent content.

Malicious content and software will NOT get published on thereport.co.za.

The Report continues to kick against illegal activities and will not publish articles that infringe on the legal rights of others.


We strive not to infringe on the rights of others through our content.

The Report respects the privacy of others, including their personal information.

We primarily balance the privacy of the people and try to respect their human dignity when writing a story.

We cite sources when using resources from other third-party websites like pictures, videos, text, quotes, and more.