Nhlanhla Kunene is a South African actor. He is best known for playing Eric in the hit Showmax original series Adulting. He is also known for playing a role in Muvhango.

The actor also appeared in other television shows like The River and Lavish. He has been making waves since the premier of Adulting. He plays bad-boy Eric, a resident hothead, and an incredible father. 

When he got his high school girlfriend pregnant, Eric stopped schooling. He began carjacking as a means to survive.

Early Life

Nhlanhla Kunene
 Nhlanhla Kunene biography
Kunene made his television debut in popular soap opera Muvhango.
Full Name:Nhlanhla Kunene
Born:South Africa
Age:28 years old
Nationality:South African
Alma mater:Wits
Known for:Eric from Adulting

Nhlanhla Kunene was born in South Africa. He is the lastborn of four siblings. His mother worked as a domestic worker to raise him and his siblings. She wanted him to be a doctor, but he wanted to do arts.

While in high school, he performed well in mathematics and physics. Along the line, he discovered that he was more of an artist.


Kunene studied drama at Wits but dropped out after two years because of finance. He then joined the Duma Ndlovu Academy, which helped a great deal.

The actor became passionate about acting while he was doing industrial community theatre. He was a member of the group – Born to be Stars. He attended festivals and learned quite a lot of skills as a member.


Kunene made his television debut in the soap opera Muvhango. He landed more roles in other shows like Lavish and The River. He got his big break on the dramedy Lavish. He played a gangster who is deeply in love with his woman.

The young actor has worked with legends such as Sindi Dlathu and Siyabonga Thwala.

Speaking to SundayWorld, he says he would like to one day play a soldier, a gay guy, a lawyer, or anything apart from a gun-savvy criminal.

In the drama series The River, he played a role that behaved like a spoilt brat.

Personal Life

Fame is overwhelming for the twenty-eight-year-old. He says he appreciates the love he gets from people who applaud his work. However, there is also weird attention that he was not liking.

Ladies try to get his attention to the extent of sending nudes to his social media account. Some want to take him out for launch, while others want to buy him things.

The young actor feels uncomfortable and does not want distractions from his focus. His primary objective now is to build himself.


  • Adulting
  • Lavish
  • Muvhango
  • The River

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