The Girl from St Agnes is a Showmax original series. The Cast contains the actors and their real names. The South African mystery drama series follows the mystery behind the demise of a schoolgirl at an elite school (boarding).

In the prestigious boarding girls school in South Africa, a very popular student of the institution is found lifeless.

In a quick conclusion, the school declared that Lexy Summerveld was drunk and slipped and fell which led to a tragic accident that claimed her life.

A teacher in the school, Kate Ballard, refuses to buy that. Lexi who was upset tried to reach her on the night she died.

As a result, with great pain, Kate (Nina Milner) tries to solve the puzzle that leads to the fateful night. She solved it without anyone discovering that she (Kate) and Lexi were lovers.

If anyone gets hold of the truth, she is ruined.

Diving deeper into the investigation, Kate was amazed as she realized that she barely knew Lexi. She led a complicated life that gave birth to many enemies.

This was enough to raise suspicion for Kate who thinks any of them could have killed her. The drama is filmed in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands.


Produced by:

  • Quizzical Pictures for Showmax
  • Harriet Gavshon
  • JP Potgieter
  • Nimrod Geva

The executive producers:

  • Niclas Ekdahl
  • Candice Fangueiro
  • Shaamila Fataar

The head writer

  • Gillian Breslin

Directed by:

  • Catharine Cooke

Original soundtrack by:

  • Brendan Jury

Girl from St Agnes Cast

Cast verified as complete.

Real NamesCharacters
Nina MilnerKate
Robert Hobbs Gary
Jocelyn Broderick Joanne
Zakeeya Patel Sharon
Karl Thaning Dylan
Tristan de Beer Jason
Tessa Jubber Philippa
Celeste Khumalo Kholwa
Makgotso M Moipone
Shamilla Miller Jenna
Paige Bonnin Megan
Jane de WetLexi
Graham HopkinsChris
Ty KeoghShane

The Drama, Mystery, Thriller series premiered on 16 December 2020 on M-Net City.