Binnelanders is a drama series and soap opera with a cast that has played a huge role maintaining the show’s viewership since 13 October 2005. The show changed its name severally but still left viewers with a hunger for fresh episodes.

The Afrikaans-language soap opera for television was produced by Friedrich and Elsje Stark of Stark Films. Formerly, it was entitled Binneland Sub Judice and Binneland.

It follows a story of the lives of a dedicated group of professionals at the clinic. This group of medical personnel tries all of their best to heal the suffering of their patients.


Binnelanders cast
CompanyStark Films
Duration30 minutes (approx.)
LanguageAfrikaans (subtitled in English)
ProducerElsje & Human Stark

The made for television soap opera aired first on M-Net, kykNET on 13 October 2005. It was later extended to kykNET & kie on 9 Apr 2013.

However, it started to film at the SABC’s Broadcast House, Commissioner Street, Johannesburg earlier in August 2005.

The premier season and the debt sixteen episodes of season 2 ran an hour-long drama. Each episode was aired in Afrikaans only on Thursdays at 7:30 pm.

English subtitles were introduced to the show in episode 69, season 2 and it became a daily half-hour soap opera. After the soap opera Egoli, the time was changed to weekdays (Mondays-Fridays) at 6:30 pm.

Opening Sequence

Jake de Priester is the writer and the performer behind the theme song used in the soap opera. After the title sequence changed for Sun Judice, it was reverted to the original though it underwent a few modifications.

Broadcast on

  • M-Net: 13 Oct 2005 – 01 Apr 2011
  • kykNET: 13 Oct 2005 – date
  • kykNET & kie : 09 Apr 2013 – date


Real namesRoles
Hans StrydomAt Koster
Gerald SteynUys
Wilson DunsterRodney
Odelle de WetDelia Richter
Lindie StanderElise Kruger
Paul L├╝ckhoffOom Wimpie du Toit
Erik HolmRian Malherbe
Lindsey AbrahamsChanel Samuels
Germandt GeldenhuysLouis Koster
Bradley OlivierDanny
Tiaan RautenbachGeorge
Clint BrinkDr. Steve Abrahams
Cindy SwanepoelAnnelize Roux
Ben KrugerOkkie Ferreira
Henrietta GryffenbergWendy
Reynardt HugoDr. Tertius Jonker
Hannelie WarrenIlse Delport
Zane MeasBrandon
Je-ani SwiegelaarNaomi Ferreira
Hykie BergConrad Bester
Roeline DaneelJanneke