Toussaint Bashala is a businessman and entrepreneur. He owns a controversial Cape Town nightclub, Saint Champagne Bar and Lounge.

The ambitious entrepreneur has a taste for the finer things in life. His club made headlines in November 2022 for exposing customers that owed it money. It published their names on their social media platforms.

Bashala has three main businesses – Bash Properties, Saint Lounge, and Saint Liquor Services. He is a self-made businessperson who is proud of his accomplishment so far. After completing school, he went to Patrick Bashala, his brother, for assistance.

toussaint bashala biography
Toussaint Bashala has money flowing from three elite businesses.
Full Name:Toussaint Bashala
Education:Industrial Engineering
Occupation:Businessperson, Investor
Investments: Bash Properties, Saint Lounge, Saint Liquor Services


Toussaint Bashala studied Industrial Engineering.


Bashala had worked at several clubs in the city while studying in school. He got intimated on the lucrativeness of the club DJ work and dived in.

One of his businesses, his club, appeared in many publications in 2022 after threatening to publish the names of top creditors. The club charged customers R1 million for a table booking for one night with Senegalese-American musician Akon.

Toussaint Bashala has built three successful elite businesses in South Africa.

Saint Liquor

Bashala has a liquor delivery business in Cape Town. In 2020, the company sold bottles of wine priced at R120, Gin at R400, and some whiskey at R2000. Toussaint said his bottles range between R2000 to R185 000.

Real Estate

Toussaint is also an investor in the property business with apartments in Zonnebloem, Cape Town. A night at Bash Properties is between R450 to R1 500. Staying longer attracts a monthly rent of R20 000.

The investor and his brother have apartments and specialize in the hospitality industry.

Social Profile

toussaint bashala biography
Toussaint Bashala in a party, holding one of the most expensive bottles.

Toussaint Bashala has established a decent presence on social media. He has expensive tastes and shares his lifestyle with over 12k followers. He posts from time to time pictures of him drinking from wine bottles.

Bashala promotes his businesses and also draws the attention of like minds. The investor has shared many pictures of champagne, whiskey, and cognac bottles. He is passionate about meeting the needs of Cape Town visitors.

Personal Life

Toussaint has a taste for the finer things in life. He has a partner and two beautiful children. His daughter, Ariella, turned one in June 2023.


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