Everybody’s trying to eat healthier but the irony is that a lot of health foods are often way too expensive. If you do food preparation each week to make your own health foods or have been doing it for ages, you’ll love these multi-seed crackers. Seeds and nuts not only provide some healthy fat sources but they’re also stacked with fibre for a healthy gut. These treats are really easy to make and are the perfect daily snack during the week.

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Multi-seed crackers suggestions

If you already follow a healthy diet, chances are that most, if not all, of the ingredients here are already in your pantry. This cracker recipe makes 20 crackers and each serving of 4 is only 305 calories. So, these crackers are perfect for your five-day work-week snack pack. You can then enjoy them with a choice of fruit, cream cheese, or even avocado to complete the nutritional impact. It’s all fun to make and even better to get creative with different toppings.

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Snack time hasn’t been this delicious in ages. Try these crunchy homemade multi-seed crackers for a healthy treat every day.

Last updated on 17 January 2024

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