The MK party, endorsed by former president Jacob Zuma, said it will be visiting struggle icons grave.

The Malada family and the Peter ‘Dambuza’ Malada Foundation have called on the Umkhonto We Sizwe (MK) party and former president Jacob Zuma to refrain from political opportunism in honour of the struggle stalwart’s memory.

The MK party, endorsed by Zuma, plans to visit Limpopo on Friday, where it has a number of activities planned including visits to the burial sites of Collins Chabane and Peter ‘Dambuza’ Malada.

Loyal ANC member

The Malada family and foundation stressed that Malada was a loyal African National Congress (ANC) member.

“Whilst we acknowledge the challenges that our country is facing, we wish to emphasise that Peter Dambuza was a committed member of the ANC and its military wing, Umkhonto weSizwe and its ideals. The Dambuza foundation and the Malada family remain loyal to the African National Congress.

“We refuse that the name and legacy of Commander Dambuza be abused to divide our beloved movement, the ANC. As we all know, the four voting opportunities that Peter Dambuza casted his vote to this end, where that of the ANC. As a result,  the foundation and the family have got no right nor wish to change his decision on his grave,” they said.

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The Malada family and foundation has called on the struggle icon’s comrades and the broader community to rally behind the ANC during the upcoming elections and “no one else.”

“We wish to distance ourselves from viral social media platforms claiming that the former president Jacob Zuma and his MK party will visit the gravesite of the late MK Commander, Cde Peter Dambuza Malada. In our view, this is mischievous and a crude attempt to distort the true values of Cde Dambuza and what he politically stood for throughout his life.

“As the Malada family and the Peter Dambuza foundation, We therefore call upon the MK party to desist from political opportunism, in honour of Cde Dambuza’s memory,” the family and foundation said.

Malada died in August 2020, a few days before his 66th birthday. He was buried at his home village of Makonde in a service attended by several party and alliance leaders.

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