Hugh Bladen is a 78-year-old legendary rugby commentator. He is best known for working for SABC and Supersoports. He also played as a flyhalf for Transvaal.

In October 2021, he made headlines for suffering a mild stroke. He stayed in the hospital for two days (Monday to Wednesday) before discharge.


Hugh Bladen became a sports commentator in South Africa in 1976. He is a former Transvaal (Lions) flyhalf and worked for the SABC until 1994. He moved over to SuperSport.


On Monday, October 4, 2021, he was on the mend after a mild stroke. After spending two nights in the hospital, his doctor discharged him on Wednesday.

After waking in the morning, he struggled to talk for some minutes. His wife noticed and asked him if he had been drinking. His doctor told him he was free to go home.

The celebrated commentator said he had a mild stroke, and it wasn’t a massive heart attack or massive stroke. His doctor recommended exercise and said he start again the next day. Instead of the gym, he trained with bricks in my garden.

Hugh was struggling with aphasia. It is a language disorder resulting from damage to the portions of the brain responsible for language due to the stroke.

Personal Life

Hugh Bladen has a wife and daughters. While at the hospital, his daughters flew up from Rondebosch in Cape Town to support their mother.


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