Collen Mashawana (born September 2, 1981) is a South African philanthropist, businessman, investor, and entrepreneur. He founded Afribiz Invest in 2005.

The investor worked in many high-profile companies like Microsoft and Dimensi. He spends a good amount of his wealth on charity.

As an investor, Collen wears many hats and utilizes opportunities he sees to invest. He has stakes in a series of investment in construction and IT.

Early life

Collen Mashawana
Collen Mashawana biography
Collen calls the shots at Afribiz Invest.
Full Name:Collen Mashawana
Born:September 2, 1981 (age 41 years old)
Place of Birth:Venda, Limpopo
Nationality:South African
Education:Information Technology and Business Management
Alma mater:Henley Business School
Spouse:Lerato Moloi
Occupation:Philanthropist, businessman, investor, entrepreneur
Company:Afribiz Invest, Collen Mashawana Foundation

Collen Mashawana was born on September 2, 1981, in Venda, Limpopo, South Africa.


Growing up, he studied at Tshishonga Primary School. He furthered and completed High School at Liivha Private School. After matriculation, he enrolled to study Information Technology and Business Management at Henley Business School.


After graduating from business school, he started to work at Microsoft South Africa. In 2005, he moved to Dimension Data, and in 2008, he received the Esprit du Corp Award.

Collen became the National Public Sector Director for South Africa in 2008. He formed the investment company Afribiz Invest in 2005. It has about 25 subsidiaries through acquisitions and mergers.

The investor created an IT company Khwinisa Technologies, now Telcolink, in 2010. 

The South African Government Department of Social Development honored him with the Award of Entrepreneur of the Year through the 2018 South African Men of the Year.

Mashawana was a nominee for the 100 most influential Africans for 2020 by the Reputation Poll International.


In 2012, the Philanthropist established the Collen Mashawana Foundation. The foundation primarily assists the most disadvantaged members of communities. 

The foundation supports members of society – elderly, disabled, and child-headed families – with economic empowerment and housing programs and initiatives.

Collen Mashawana Foundation has built around 300 houses and has collaborated with the government.

Personal Life

Collen Mashawana was married to the fashion model Lerato Moloi. Their union received admiration as they flaunted their couple’s goals. The marriage ended in separation and divorce.

Some allegations blamed Lerato Moloi for cheating on her husband. Collen has a son, Dakalo, with the singer and actress Thembi Seete. They had their son in April 2018.

Social Profile

The saying Success makes the loudest noise, drawing the farthest attention, is visible on his social media pages. The Philanthropreneur has built a community of people who appreciate his efforts in bettering society.

On Instagram, he has over a million followers who give him thumbs up each time he posts his philanthropic activity. He posts before and after pictures of renovations done on many houses. He is on;

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