MIDLANDS, SOUTH AFRICA — In an unprecedented achievement, Brahman Hills, home of glorious views, breath-taking gardens, an award-winning spa and charming 4- and 5-star accommodation, has been named the Overseas Region Winner in the esteemed Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) Partner Garden of the Year Competition. This historic win marks a significant milestone not only for South Africa but for the entire African continent.

“Amid South Africa’s recent global achievements, from major sporting wins to recent music accolades, we couldn’t be prouder that Brahman Hills is making a meaningful contribution to South Africa’s global recognition,” says Orrin Cottle, CEO of Brahman Hills.

The RHS, founded in 1804, is renowned for its iconic events like the Chelsea Flower Show and its esteemed RHS Gardens across the UK. Elevating South Africa’s gardening profile, Brahman Hills became an RHS Partner Garden in January 2023. Subsequently, late last year, Brahman Hills was crowned the Overseas Regional Winner in the RHS Partner Garden of the Year Competition— a truly historic moment in African horticulture.

For more information on Brahman Hills or The Brahman Hills Experience, email: theexperience@brahmanhills.co.za


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