Zekhethelo Zondi is a South African actress and model. She is best known for playing Nozi in the Mzansi Magic series Isifiso. She is a fast-rising force in the entertainment industry.

The actress started acting at a young age. She registered in an agency at six years. She had a big break in a Netflix series, Shadow, playing Zinhle. 

In 2019, she appeared as Mae in a Short Film, Grave Confession, and did an FNB TV commercial.

Zekhethelo Zondi
Zekhethelo Zondi
Full Name:Zekhethelo Zondi
Nationality:South African
Education:High School
Occupation:Actress, model
Languages:IsiZulu, English, Sotho, Xhosa
Net worth:1 million



Although many know her for her role in Isifiso, it wasn’t her debut role on television. She had appeared in other productions before. She joined a talent agency at the age of 11.

Another role she is famous for is in Shadows, where she played Zinhle. She has continued to grow her career ever since. She appeared in another Netflix movie, Collision, on an International platform. 

In 2022, Zekhethelo played the supporting role of Nozi Gambu in a Mzansi Magic Television series.


In the Mzansi Magic hit series Isifiso, she plays the first child of Buhle and Sibonelo. She has a younger brother.

Zekhethelo joined the production in the first episode as a young schoolgirl with a perfect relationship with her younger brother. Her mother left her under unfortunate circumstances. 

After her mother’s demise, her aunt moves in with them, and her mother’s best friend fights to be their stepmother. Her cousin also moves in with them as they try to move on from their mother’s demise.

Eventually, the truth surfaced that their aunt murdered their mother.


Zekhethelo Zondi pageantry
Zekhethelo has appeared in many teen pageantries.

Aside from acting, Zondi is a model and has entered many contests for big competitions. She reached the top five finalists at the Miss Teen South African pageant.

Zondi also competed for Miss SA Junior in 2023 and made it to the finals. She posts most of her achievements on Instagram. She is in the Public Speaking club at school and shares her speeches.

Social Media

Zondi shares her journey in pageantry on social media. She posts her progress in competitions that she enters and on-screen too.

On April 4, Zondi posted a picture of her holding two pageantry ribbon sashes with one around her. She was holding two certificates also.

Personal Life

Zondi can speak IsiZulu, English, Sotho, and Xhosa. She can swim, dance, and sing. 

Net Worth

Zekhethelo Zondi has landed many acting gigs and has also appeared in pageantries. SavannaNews, in one of their articles, called her one of the wealthiest self-made child celebrities in South Africa. She has a net worth of R 1 million as of May 2023.


  • Shadow as Zinhle
  • Grave Confession as Mae
  • Collision as Thandeka
  • Isifiso as Nozi Gambu

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