The Acclaimed came out to help Bullet Club Gold fight off the Undisputed Kingdom, but it doesn’t look like Jay White wants the help of Bowens, Caster and Billy Gunn.

White had an interview interrupted by the acclaimed on Collision on Saturday night.

The Acclaimed and Bullet Club Gold at odds?

Billy Gunn seemed to get under the skin of the Switchblade though.

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“We were walking by, and I couldn’t help but overhear you saying how your dad had to save you again,” Gunn said.

White wasn’t having it though and warned off the Acclaimed.

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“Guys, this is none of your business,” White said. 

“The whole thing started with Adam Cole and the Undisputed Kingdom laying their hands on me. So, we’re going to be the ones who handle this and bang bang finish it.”

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Caster thought that the Gunns weren’t being appropriately respectful.

“We could put our hands on you right now if you want,” Caster said before Bowens became the voice of reason.

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Come together for a cause

Bowens made the case for working together to take down the Undisputed Kingdom.

“First off, don’t say it’s none of our business because they threw me through glass,” Bowens said. 

“But everyone calm down. It pains me to say this, and it may be a very crazy idea considering everything we’ve done to each other in the past, but I’ve been thinking about this the last two days. One thing I’ve learned since being in AEW is the only way to get to the top is through factions. I mean, Jay, look what you did with the Bullet Club in Japan. And look at a guy like Billy. Billy knows a thing or two about big factions. All I’m saying is I know it’s crazy. Think about it.”

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