DA leader John Steenhuisen took to the podium at the union Buildings, starting his address by outlining the failures of the ANC

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is launching its 2024 manifesto ahead of the national elections on Saturday, 17 February in Pretoria.

The DA started the morning with a march from Church Square to the Union Buildings.

Party Leader John Steenhuisen took to the podium, starting his address by outlining the failures of the ANC.

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The launch comes at a pivotal moment in South African politics, with disillusionment with the ANC at an all-time high and the prospect of a new governing coalition looming on the horizon.

Addressing a crowd of supporters, Steenhuisen emphasized the DA’s dedication to serving the people of South Africa, launching what he called the “DA’s rescue plan” for the nation.

The manifesto, he claimed, was the result of the most comprehensive policymaking process in the party’s history, built upon updated policies adopted since 2019.

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