Pinky Girl (born Tebogo Mekgwe; 20 March 1988) is a South African reality television personality. She rose to prominence after appearing on the show, Being Bonang

On the show, the businessperson Bonang Matheba gives South Africans a glimpse of her life. South Africa is a lucky country that boasts of so many notable personalities of which Pinky Girl is one of them. 

After her first appearance on the show, Being Bonang, she has captured the heart of many lovers of entertainment.


Tebogo Mekgwe biography
Image: Instagram.com, @pinky_.girl.
NameTebogo Mekgwe
Other namesPinky Girl
Born20 March 1988 (age 33 years)
NationalitySouth African
EducationComputer Sciences
Alma materHillview High School, Pretoria
Midrand Graduate Institute
BirthdayMarch 20
ProfessionReality TV Star, DJ, Social Curator


Tebogo Mekgwe background
Image: Instagram.com, @pinky_.girl.

Her date of birth is on 20 March 1988 and the place of birth is in South Africa. Pinky girl is 33 years old and her grandmother gave her the nickname.

Yea! Tebogo was nicknamed ‘the family’s pinky girl‘ at a tender age because she appeared so light. Though her real name is Tebogo Mekgwe, many rather address her by the nickname. Obviously, she likes the name too.


She had her high school education at Hillview High School, Pretoria. Upon the completion of her high school academic pursuit, she proceeded to the Midrand Graduate Institute.

In the institute, she completed a program in Computer Sciences. During her study in the ICT industry, she spent over six years.


The media personality has also taken to social media to appreciate her mother. She was grateful for all her mother did for her and addressed her as her BFF, her anchor, her liefie.


Tebogo is the only child her parents had. During her childhood days, she spent enough time with Bonang Matheba. She considers the celebrated personality as her sister and credits her for most of the things she knows in the industry.

Pinky Girl rose to prominence after appearing in season one of Being Bonang. Ever since her debut appearance on television, she has managed to remain relevant in the industry. She has grown her fan base and is active on social media.


On 11 July 2019, Tebogo Mekgwe turned the streets of social media as noisy as a market with one of her posts. She tried to make fans and those interested understand that dating a broke guy is not her thing.

The Being Bonang star shared that you must have some green in your account to be in a relationship. This triggered mixed reactions from the end of other Twitter users.

FACT: Nobody wants a broke boyfriend. Am not saying he must be a millionaire or a billionaire. But something must be done. Something must happen. Simple.

In September that year, IOL reported that Pinky Girl has found love and he’s from Limpopo.

Reality Show

Tebogo Mekgwe show
Image: Instagram.com, @pinky_.girl.

On the show, she shocked fans after revealing she worked in IT. In an interview session with Move Magazine, she revealed that had to quit her job due to the reality TV show. She spent seven years working in IT.

After she joined the reality television show, she walked into the limelight. The storyline of episode three focused on her and covered that she received a BMW convertible from Bonang. 

She has also shared her intentions and interest in becoming a Disk Jockey. Pinky Girl further shared that she would be receiving lessons from DJ Miggs FoReal.


Tebogo Mekgwe personality
Image: Instagram.com, @pinky_.girl.

Though most of her way of life is known to the followers of the reality series Being Bonang. There are a few things people still do not know about Tebogo.

Her parents had her as their only daughter and child. Tebogo also respects her high school a lot and is also a very shy person.

She decided to remain unmarried and being a mother until she clocks thirty-three.

Apart from being addressed by the nickname Pinky Girl, the media personality likes the color. She shares pictures containing a touch of pink either on her cloth, hair, or background.


She has gained popularity for being featured on the show Being Bonang no doubt. She has also gained more presence on social media for her engaging posts.

On Instagram her account houses over two hundred and ninety-one followers. Twitter is another platform she is active on and boasts of over ninety-eight thousand followers.

She started her profession in IT but decided to quit following the hard time her colleagues gave her. This awkward behavior of theirs followed after they realized that she was related to Bonang.