Thousands of South Africans will be hunting for great deals on cars this December, but should you buy a car out of warrant? There are some pros and cons you need to weigh up before you commit yourself to buy a car out of warranty.

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Firstly, a lot of people decide to sell their cars at the exact time the warranty lapses. That doesn’t automatically mean all cars falling out of warranty are worthless scrap. Quite the contrary. This is often when you can pick up a great deal.


ISUZU D-MAX Arctic tailgate
For ultimate peace of mind, the AT35 is covered by the same comprehensive warranty, roadside assistance and service plan. Photo by ISUZU Motors South Africa.

Obviously, you’re only human, and the fear of something costly going bang that could cripple your retirement fund is not cool. We all fear that dreaded worst-case scenario. And here’s how you can guard against that …

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The good news is you don’t have to have one or the other. You can get the car out of warranty and simply buy an extended warranty as a type of mechanical insurance. So, to answer our initial question. If you like the vehicle and the offer, you should by all means buy a car out of warranty and purchase a warranty yourself.


buy a car out of warranty
You can buy a car out of warranty, if you know what you’re looking for and make your own arrangements. Picture: File.

Warranties are not some magical unicorn that can only be issued by the manufacturer when the car rolls off the showroom floor. What they are in reality is insurance. If a prescribed part fails, then it’s covered. Simple as that.

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When you buy a pre-loved car through almost all financing institutions, you have the option of adding a warranty policy. There are different plans to meet a car’s mileage or age and a list of mechanical items covered under the contract.


buy a car out of warranty
Image via Adobe Stock

Wear and tear items like brake pads and tyres are not covered, those are for your account, so to speak. And if you’ve undertaken some aftermarket modifications to turn your ‘vrr’ into a ‘vrr-pah’ then you’re probably not going to be covered either.

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Similarly, you can think of a service plan as medical aid for your car. For that all-important peace of mind, you can finance a used vehicle privately and add an extended service and/or warranty plan. Just make sure you get these done through reputable service providers you can trust.

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