Self published authors are growing their market share, according to sales statistics.

Authors who publish their own books through platforms like Amazon KDP are growing every day. Hundreds of writers have published their own books – and some authors report making profits in the first week.

Should you choose this route?

Writers say yes.

Stories don’t have to wait around for the perfect publisher.

Here’s more about the industry and why it works for some.

Self published authors growing their market share

‘Angela’s Ashes’ was a self published book before it became a Hollywood Blockbuster movie. Publishers picked up the book after its success selling to readers – and it’s not a single success story.

It’s more work to publish without a traditional publisher. It’s also potentially worth it, say some authors who sell their work with Amazon KDP.

There’s more than one way to get a story out there.

Authors are doing it for themselves.

Don’t let anything stop you from telling your story!

Self published authors: The business in numbers

According to WordsRated, up to 34% of ebooks are self published.

This means they are published without a traditional publishing house. It’s more work on the writer, but it also gives the writer more control over their work.

Writers can upload their work to AmazonKDP and sell to readers.

It’s immediate, rather than waiting years for a publisher to say yes.

It can be a faster way to tell your story, says the Self Published Authors Support Group.

Self published: What does it take?

You have to start with a story (or finished manuscript).

Next, this story goes to an editor, who helps authors to turn their story into a completed manuscript.

Here’s where it gets more complicated: formatting and style is important for any author publishing their own book.

Authors also have to find their cover art, and manage their promotion. A writer does what a published would normally do.

Editing assures writers that their manuscripts are perfect for publication. Collaboration produces the best results, and means that one writer doesn’t have to do everything themselves.

Would you do it? Tell us!

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