The South African Social Security Agency (SASSA) have hosted a special day for fraud and corruption awareness. This event promotes awareness and puts grant fraud issues under the magnifying glass.

Fraud and corruption costs millions in lost funds and misallocated social grants. Together, we can stop crimes against South Africa’s elderly, vulnerable, and children.

The event happens during Human Rights Month, an important time to remember local human rights.

Here’s why it matters.

SASSA hosts important event

SASSA hosted an important event at Mams Mall this March.

The event focused on what can be done against social grant fraud. Grant fraud costs millions, and means that the right persons don’t receive their grants.

The grant agency hopes the event brings focus towards solutions.

You are encouraged to report grant fraud suspicions.

SASSA fraud and corruption

Fraud and corruption costs the right South Africans their grants.

Your social grant card stays yours: nobody is allowed to use your money, card, or balance. Social grants must go to the person who applied. Nobody can apply for social grants with false information – and it’s fraud when they do.

Grant fraud takes away

Grant fraud isn’t a victimless crime.

Someone doesn’t get their rightful grant for each crime that happens. Fraud investigation important for this reason.

Has someone taken your grant?

Is someone claiming your grant?

Report them.

It’s the right thing.

More about SASSA

Social grants pay through the grant agency since 2008.

This government department issues social grants, including the Disability Grant, Childcare (Child) and Foster Grant, and R350 SRD Grant. Apply for a grant here.

It’s an important governmental agency!

Applying for your grant?

Visit a regional office.

Reporting fraud and corruption

It’s important to report fraud and corruption, says SASSA. Follow the links below for more.

  • Contact the fraud hotline: +27 800 701 701
  • General enquiries hotline: +27 80 060 1011



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