The doctor chased the criminals on foot before he returned to treat the injured patient.

Two criminals are on the run after a man was stabbed and robbed while waiting in a doctor’s office in Trenance Park, KwaZulu-Natal, on Wednesday.

According to Reaction Unit South Africa (RUSA) the 37-year-old man was a victim of crime at the doctor to get treatment for an unknown ailment when two men arrived pretending to also need medical assistance.

The two then produced knives and demanded valuables from the man.

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He tried to defend himself by grappling the robbers but was repeatedly stabbed. He sustained penetrating wounds to his back, left arm and chest.

The suspects fled with the man’s cellphone, while the doctor chased them on foot until they entered a dense bush. He returned to treat the injured man. 

The man was taken to hospital where he received further treatment.

South Africans’ fight back

South Africans often try to fight back when under attack.

In one hectic encounter earlier this year, a KZN woman chased down and ran over a man who robbed her.

In a video shared by the Southlands Sun, two men were seen approaching a silver Toyota Tazz stopped at a boom gate at a busy mall in The Bluff, KwaZulu-Natal, before opening her door and making off with her handbag.

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Another car tried to intercept the fleeing pair, but the driver of the Tazz took it one further and raced after one of the robbers.

She risked the boom gate and mounted pavements to run him over. She recovered her handbag.


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