Amid the vibrant Tweede Nuwe Jaar festival in Cape Town, a three-year-old girl named Ziyah Jacobs faced an unexpected and heart-wrenching loss.

Ziyah’s favourite cuddly companion, a beloved purple teddy bear, went missing during the festivities, leaving the little girl devastated.

In a bid to reunite Ziyah with her cherished toy, the Jacobs family has announced a R200 reward for anyone who can help locate the missing teddy bear.

‘She used to talk to her and protect it’

Ziyah’s grandmother Juleiga Rorich told The Citizen that her granddaughter is not the same bubbly child she used to be before.

“She used to talk to her teddy the whole day and protect it. If her teddy falls to the ground she picks it up and apologises for hurting it. She would wake up in the middle of the night to kiss the baby safe.”

According to Rorich, the purple teddy bear had been a constant source of comfort for Ziyah since she received it as a gift from her aunt at the tender age of two months.

The toddler affectionately refers to the teddy as ‘My Baby’ and has formed an inseparable bond, sleeping with the plush companion every night.

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The search continues

In the hustle and bustle of Strand Street, Rorich inadvertently dropped the precious teddy while juggling Ziyah, a cushion, and other belongings.

Realising the loss, a frantic search ensued, with Rorich scouring the area, even checking bins in a desperate attempt to find the missing bear.

“A lady offered us a similar bear. We will see if she will take to it. We have had several offers and are so grateful. It’s so sad. She cries every day for her baby and we end up crying with her as well because the teddy is of sentimental value to the family.

“I miss her saying to me ‘Ma, kiss my baby’.

Those who may have come across the missing teddy bear can contact Rorich on 061 999 7583.


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