President Bola Ahmed Tinubu has signed the N2.17 trillion supplementary budget into law in a significant fiscal development. This financial decision underscores the administration’s commitment to addressing key financial needs in 2023.

A comprehensive breakdown of the 2023 Supplementary Budget reveals a two-pronged allocation, allocating N1.010.802,015,985 for Recurrent Expenditure and N1.165,989,270,049 for Capital Expenditure.

The allocation of these substantial funds underscores the government’s focus on maintaining current operations and fostering growth and development. This financial maneuver is expected to positively impact various sectors, contributing to the overall well-being and advancement of the nation.

The signed supplementary budget is a pivotal instrument in the government’s ongoing efforts to address pressing financial priorities and drive positive change in Nigeria. It reflects the commitment to prudent financial management and resource allocation.

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