Police said the man was charged for drunken driving as well reckless and negligent driving.

KwaZulu Natal police have arrested a 51-year-old man in connection with the car crash of former President Jacob Zuma.

Police said the man was charged for drunken driving as well reckless and negligent driving.

Zuma nor his bodyguards were injured in the car crash.


It is understood the former president was travelling from Nkandla to eShowe in KwaZulu-Natal shortly before 7pm on Thursday night to campaign for the MK party when the car in his convoy crashed between Gingindlovu and eShowe.

Police spokesperson Brigadier Athlenda Mathe said Zuma was in the vehicle with his protectors at the time of the accident

“The man is detained and is expected to appear before the Eshowe Magistrate Court on Tuesday. No one was injured including members of the Presidential Protection Services(PPS). The former President was evacuated and taken to his residence.”

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Foul play

Meanwhile. MK head of elections Musa Mkhize told said Zuma is safe where he is being kept.

“What happened last night, I must say that unfortunately we have been waiting for it to happen. It had happened because the president was warned that come before the day of elections, he will be lying in hospital. We don’t know what else more is coming. Thanks to the Presidential Protection Unit members who managed to keep the president safe.”

Mkhize referred to the crash as a “so called accident” claiming the MK party is suspecting foul play.

“Whoever is doing it, they know themselves out there… they’ve said it publicly, on national broadcasts and people know who they are.”

Mkhize further alleged that Zuma’s security had been reduced dramatically “and his life is in danger” since he announced his support for the MK party.

Zuma’s accident came the day the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC )confirmed that an objection to his candidature was received and upheld by the commission.

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