The Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) has released the latest Party Funding Disclosure Report, with seven political parties having made declarations of almost R60 million for the third quarter of 2023/24. 

According to the IEC’s latest Party Funding Disclosure Report, the political parties made donation declarations for the third quarter of 2023/24 (1 October – 31 December) amounting to just under R59 million.

Political parties have to disclose all donations received above R100 000.

A total of seven political parties have made donation declarations during this quarter, and they are:

  1. Rise Mzansi – R16 744 186.00
  2. ActionSA – R13 912 450.00
  3. African National Congress (ANC) – R10 000 000.00
  4. Build One South Africa (BOSA) – R8 500 000.00
  5. Patriotic Alliance (PA) – R7 096 380.00
  6. Democratic Alliance (DA) – R2 608 009.05
  7. Inkatha Freedom Party (IFP) – R191 040.77

Who made the donations?

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Rise Mzansi received a significant monetary donation of R15m from Rebecca Oppenheimer 

Additional contributions came from African Equity Corporation (Pty) Ltd donated R1m, followed by SHIYAN80422 (Pty) Ltd with R150,000, Solomon David Group (Pty) Ltd  with R127,750 and Alan Beesley with R148,000.

The ANC received R10m from the Chancellor House Trust in December. Bosa received its donations from Jessica Bridget Slack Jell, valued at R6m, followed by Martin Moshal with R2m and RTH Investments (Pty) Ltd with R 500k.

PA leader Gayton McKenzie made donations of R250,000, R2,289,130 and R220,000. 

PA leader, Kenny Kunene, also made a monetary donation of R1,007,250 during the same period.

Other notable donors included RED C2 (Pty) Ltd with R2m, Downtown Spares CC with R380,000, XMOOR Transport (Pty) Ltd with R190,000, Metrowired (Pty) Ltd with R380,000, XTX Trade (Pty) Ltd with R190,000) and an individual, Rapula Mogaki with R190,000.

The DA received its largest donation of R1m from Artemis Properties (Pty) Ltd, followed by Beacon Rock Limited with a donation of R999,711. 

The IFP reported a lone in-kind donation valued at R191,040.77 from Konrad Adenauer Stiftung NPC.

The IEC said there has been a steady increase in the value of donations disclosed for the third quarter. 

“For the Electoral Commission, this is an indication that there are some in the corporate sector that recognise the role that Corporate South Africa can play to strengthen multi-party democracy in South Africa.

The Commission continues to call on other corporate entities and individual members of the society to take up the challenge and support this good course,” the IEC said. 



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