RISE Mzansi leader, Songezo Zibi, has confirmed the receipt of a R15m donation from the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust.

Rebecca Oppenheimer, the granddaughter of De Beers founder and former chair of the diamond company Harry Oppenheimer, has reportedly donated R15 million to newly registered party political party RISE Mzansi.

Rebecca is a board member of the Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, where she is able to contribute to her family’s philanthropic endeavours in South Africa.

Party leader Songezo Zibi confirmed the receipt of this donation during an interview with the SABC this week.

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RISE Mzansi: Reason for declaration of donation

Under the Political Party Funding Act, political parties are required to disclose donations ranging from over R100 000 to R15 million.

RISE Mzansi was established in April 2023 and was officially register by the former editor of Financial Mail and the Business Day in October last `year.

Eastern Cape-born Zibi said that the party was setting out to  organising, mobilising and empowering citizens to build a country where people are free and enabled to pursue happiness and well-being.

During its manifesto launch, the party called on the president to prioritize school safety. It also said that it was committed to eradicating poverty, ending racism, ending inequality, and ensuring the employment of our people.

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Support and donations

The party has since been gaining a massive amount of support and donations following its inception. It also received just over R500 000 from Kairos Communications.

Other donors to the party that has been declared, are businesses Main Street and Injozi Design.

Rebecca Oppenheimer

The granddaughter of Harry Oppenheimer is no stranger to the world of politics and philanthropy. She had previously been a massive supporter of the Democratic Alliance (DA).

But in recent years, the DA seems to have lost Oppenheimer’s financial support.

She has been involved in a number of projects across the board looking to better the lives of communities in South Africa.

Rebecca recently took part in a project where she helped developed a rain-harvesting vertical gardening system that aims to contribute to better nutrition programs in under-resourced communities.


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