Matriculants can seek support from trusted circles or contact the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) for guidance.

As matriculants across the nation eagerly await the release of their examination results, they have been advised to try stay calm and positive.

The period leading up to the release of matric results can be a nerve-wracking.

In an effort to ease the stress, the South African Depression and Anxiety Group (SADAG) suggested that matriculants should try their minds occupied.

“Beyond distraction, having a proactive approach to the future is crucial. Planning ahead involves considering various options, whether it be pursuing further studies, entering the workforce, or exploring alternative endeavors,” said SADAG’s projects coordinator Roshni Parbhoo-Seetha.

Reach out for support

She encourages matriculants to think about contingency plans in the event that their results do not meet their expectations.

Recognising the importance of a support system, students are also urged to reach out to friends, family, or organisations like the SADAG.

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Open conversations about feelings and concerns can provide perspectives and emotional support during this challenging time. Maintaining realistic expectations is emphasised, with the reminder that results do not define one’s worth, added SADAG.

“The understanding that everyone faces challenges and that there are diverse paths to success is key to navigating the outcome, whatever it may be. In the event that results fall short of expectations, an openness to alternative options is encouraged,” said Parbhoo-Seetha.

‘Disappointment a natural part of life’

Exploring different opportunities and reassessing goals is a healthy approach to adapting plans.

“Matriculants are reminded that disappointment is a natural part of life, and staying positive can be a powerful mindset to navigate uncertainty. The message extends beyond the immediate outcome of exams, encouraging students to view this period as a learning experience,” said Parbhoo-Seetha.

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Reflecting on strengths, weaknesses, and personal growth opportunities was highlighted by Parbhoo-Seetha as a valuable exercise.

Remember, these results are just one part of your journey in life, and there are many opportunities for growth and success ahead. If you feel like you need someone to talk to contact SADAG on 0800 567 567 or WhatsApp on 076 882 2775


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