The television sitcom Lui Maar Op, Belinda revolves around a group of older shop staff. Its cast includes veteran actors such as Brümilda van Rensburg and Annelisa Weiland.

The sitcom in African Language returns for season 3 on July 5th. An actor, Brümilda van Rensburg, confirms it to be funnier than season 1.

Many other actors made guest appearances in the show, such as Hélène Truter, Karli Heine, Richard van der Westhuizen, Eckard Rabe, Wilhelm van der Walt, and Albert Maritz.


Homebrew Films and kykNET produced Lui Maar Op, Belinda, which means Give it a Rest, Belinda, in English as an M-Net Original Production. They based the production on a concept by Marcel Spaumer.

Ian Jantjies owns a corner shop in George called Ian & Ander. The middle-aged man moved from a busy city to a serene small town. He has three older employees who cause havoc and chaos.

Former actress Belinda Swanepoel has an obsession with mirrors. She spends the most time looking at herself and even forgets about customers at the cash register.

Annetjie Nel is a militarist spinster. He marches around barking orders at everyone. He tries to keep an eye on Ian’s wife, who has a bad habit of not paying.

Frans Wessels is a handsome farm hero Frans Wessels. He tries to be the peace mediator between Annetjie and Belinda. They all have a common challenge to face – old age. However, the lesson there is life gives second chances, and no one is ever too old to have fun.

Eric Nobbs, who played Frans Wessels, died during the filming of Season 3. He appears in the first three episodes and gets replaced by Chris van Niekerk.

Sonja Herholdt pops in to visit the quirky people of the hardware store. Belinda and Annetjie crossed paths in their younger days, and we will see the root causes through a flashback.

Ilse-Lee van Niekerk, Augusta Zietsman, and Adriaan Havenga played the younger versions of Belinda, Annatjie, and Frans, respectively. Season 2 ended with Belinda’s discovery that she had breast cancer. 


  • Brümilda van Rensburg as Belinda
  • Annelisa Weiland as Annetjie
  • Duncan Johnson as Ian
  • Chris van Niekerk as Frans
  • Eric Nobbs as Frans
  • Wian Taljaard as Dirkie
  • Carmen Maarman as Maggie
  • Karli Heine as Nicole
  • Albert Maritz as Guest Star
  • Richard van der Westhuizen as Guest Star
  • Eckard Rabe as Guest Star
  • Wilhelm van der Walt as Guest Star
  • Hélène Truter as Guest Star
  • Augusta Zietsman as Young Annetjie
  • Johan Esterhuizen as Guest Star

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