Lindiwe Zulu (born April 21, 1958, in Nhlazatshe in Mpumalanga) is a South African politician. She has been a source of inspiration to many South Africans woman with her tough and powerful personality.

Her visible work and personality as a politician have drawn the attention of many lovers of politics and the general public as a whole. She held notable positions when women were not considered to those posts.

As a black woman, she is the epitome of what black excellence is. She has been a voice against many societal issues including teen pregnancy, school gangs, insecurity, and the deteriorating economy. We could conclude that this powerful young lady wants the best for her country.


Lindiwe Zulu qualification
Lindiwe gained a scholarship to study journalism in the USSR. (Image: Instagram/lindiwezulu.sassaline).
NameLindiwe Zulu
Born21 April 1958 (age 63 years)
Nhlazatshe, Mpumalanga
BirthdayApril 21st
NationalitySouth African
HusbandKgosietsile Itholeng
PositionMinister of Social Development


Lindiwe Zulu age
Lindiwe also spent seven (7) years in Moscow to achieve a master’s degree in Journalism and fluency in Russian. (Image: Instagram/lindiwezulu.sassaline).

She was born on 21 April 1958 and the place of birth is Nhlazatshe, Mpumalanga, South Africa. Lindiwe Zulu is 63 years old. Madam Lindiwe has contributed to the greatness of the country.

She contributed from colonization and played credible roles in making the country stand firm. The beginning of her life journey was not rosy, the village where she was born was destroyed by fire during the apartheid.

This made her family forcefully relocated to a new location. Luck was on Lindiwe and her family’s side since her mother is a Swazi from Gege, they had to move to Swaziland.


Lindiwe Zulu is married to Kgosietsile Itholeng, a South African in exile. The couple met in Angola during her time in exile. The strong woman is also a proud mother of four children; two boys and two girls.

Her children’s names are Sipho (son), Boitumelo (son), Nokuthula (daughter), and Phindile (daughter).


Lindiwe Zulu training
Lindiwe Zulu underwent full military training in Angola. (Image: Instagram/lindiwezulu.sassaline).

She attended Saint Theresa’s and Mjingo schools and furthered at Swaziland Co-operative Development College in Ezulwini. Later, she enrolled at Solomon Mahlangu Freedom College, SOMAFCO, Mazimbu, Tanzania. 

Hard work and zeal to study among others earned her scholarship to study for a degree in Journalism in the USSR. 

In the late ’80s, in 1987 to be precise, she went to Angola to undergo military training at the Pan Africanist Women’s Organisation.

Days in Exile

Lindiwe Zulu profile
Lindiwe Zulu profile. (Image: Instagram/lindiwezulu.sassaline).

Fighting apartheid in South Africa made the strong woman flee her home country. She did not return to her home and was forcefully separated from her children for years. At that time, she did not contact her family for security reasons.

After Exile

Lindiwe Zulu biography
Lindiwe Zulu biography. (Image: Instagram/lindiwezulu.sassaline).

In 1992, she came back from exile and landed a notable role in South African politics. Lindiwe became the head of communication in the ANC Women’s League.

The following year, in 1993, she made it to an executive member, the same year, she was seconded to the ANC’s department of information and publicity as the spokesperson for the elections. 

In the year that followed, she joined the Gauteng Provincial Legislature. In 1995 she was appointed to the post of Deputy Speaker. For two years (1999-2001), she served as a special advisor to the Minister of Foreign Affairs.

For another two years, she was Chief Director for western and central Africa in the Department of Foreign Affairs (2001-2003). The following year she became the Ambassador of South Africa to Brazil and occupied the position for four years and six months.

She has held the position of African National Congress Member of the Parliament since 2009. Lindiwe was appointed to the National Working Committee of the African National Congress.

She has also been serving under the post of the Minister of Small Business Development, a position she occupied in 2014. The Nhlazatshe-born female politician was cleared on allegations that she bought ministerial cars that cost R3.1m.


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