The suspects were arrested for various crimes including murder.

KwaZulu-Natal police arrested over 10,000 suspects for various crimes in the province in December.

Police said improved police visibility, amplified resources allocation and targeted police operations did not only manage to prevent major crimes from happening, but also ensured that wanted suspects were traced and arrested.


Provincial police spokesperson Colonel Robert Netshuinda said among those arrested were over 3,000 suspects for contact crimes and over 200 on charges of murder.

“In the month of December 2023, which included the busy festive holiday season, police in KwaZulu-Natal have arrested a total of 10,622 suspects for various categories of crime, 3,355 suspects were arrested for contact crimes, with 214 of them nabbed for murder, 196 more suspects were arrested in connection with cases of attempted murder.

“The fight against all kinds of robberies, inclusive of business robberies, house robberies, robberies with aggravating circumstances and carjacking was intensified, and as a result 173 suspects were arrested for the crimes,” Netshiunda said.

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Women and children

Netshiunda added that police also seized 282 firearms, including 11 rifles and 12 homemade firearms, while over 2 400 rounds of ammunition were recovered. 

He said the safety of women and children remains top of the agenda and to rid the communities of all sexual predators.

“ A total of 243 suspects were removed from society for their alleged involvement in cases of rape and sexual assault. The irresponsible consumption of liquor remains the major contributing factor to cases of assault.

“In the month of December only, 1,669 suspects were arrested for assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm, 625 more suspects were also arrested for common assault and 739 people were arrested for illegal dealing and distribution of liquor.”


Netshiunda said relentless police operations continue.

“The police in KwaZulu-Natal appreciate the partnership with community structures and the E2 Project partners which continue to suffocate criminals and strive for peace and stability within communities,” Netshiunda said.

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