Many viewers and internet users have picked interest in Spitch Nzawumbi’s sexuality, whether he is gay or straight. Some argue he has a boyfriend, and others argue against it.

These speculations followed some of his posts on social media, he posted a picture of him on a date. We have joined the investigation to confirm his sexuality, so read till the end.

Nzawumbi is one of the notable television and radio presenters from South Africa. He studied journalism at the Walter Sisulu University.

Having stayed in the broadcast industry for many years, he has many eyes on his career and personal progress. He became the host of the SABC1 show Yilungelo Lakho in 2013.

Sptich is a presenter at uMhlobo Wenene FM, co-hosting Sijik’ilanga alongside Luckeez Matyolweni. In the 2020 Mzansi Viewer’s Choice Awards, he was a nominee for the Favorite Radio Personality award by DSTV.

Is Spitch Nzawumbi Gay?

With all his achievements so far, it is natural to see many interested in his personal life. Before I spill the beans and reveal his sexuality, let’s present some of our findings.

Spitch Nzawumbi Cross Dresses

Spitch Nzawumbi Cross Dresses

Society has adopted cross-dressing as a modern way of expressing one’s self. Spitch Nzawumbi wears fitting dresses designed for ladies.

On February 11, 2022, the broadcaster wore a white see-through dress. The attire was adorned with beads at the edges, and he wore a bead necklace to complement it.

Spitch Nzawumbi Camera Poses

Spitch Nzawumbi Camera Poses
Spitch Nzawumbi relaxing on a beach bed chair.

Another incident that grabbed our attention during the investigation was his poses. Many times the broadcaster takes a Barbie doll to pose with leaves a smile.

On April 21, 2023, he shared a picture of how he thought a weekend should be. He lay on a beach bed chair with his legs crossed.

Spitch posted his post-workout video on April 12, 2023, and his body language said a lot. Others are also carrying out investigations to confirm his sexuality.

His followers use feminine adjectives to qualify him and call him beautiful. In his speeches, Spitch often defends the gay community as he opposes homophobic movements.

Spitch Nzawumbi accepts Flowers

And now the best part, the broadcaster receives flowers. In our society today, flowers are feminine. On March 15, 2022, Spitch posted a picture where he held a bouquet of red and purple flowers. He appeared very happy and held it to his chest.

Although he did not reveal who gave them to him, his caption – Peace and Happiness restored, Thank you for my forever – left a clue. He also shared pictures of him on a date but did not show his partner.

Who is Spitch Nzawumbi dating?

Well, that’s left for you to answer. Nzawumbi posts pictures of him on a date, but he has not shown who he forever is. He has chosen to hide his sexuality for a long time.

However, there is good news, Spitch Nzawumbi is about to wed. If he doesn’t do a secret wedding, we will get answers. Until then, let’s keep our fingers crossed.

The Report carried out this investigation independently to answer questions about Spitch Nzawumbi’s sexuality and boyfriend. This article is for information purposes and doesn’t in any way state clearly his personal life.


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