South Africa’s Electricity Minister, Kgosientsho Ramokgopa, addressed the media today, stressing the critical need for immediate attention to six power stations ahead of the winter season.

Ramokgopa highlighted the impending colder months, starting from around May, which typically see a significant surge in energy demand, thereby posing a heightened risk of load shedding.

Identifying six power stations requiring urgent intervention, Ramokgopa emphasised their importance due to their potential for yielding significant returns.

Six power stations require urgent attention

According to EWN, he stated, “We have identified six power stations that require urgent and immediate attention because they are likely to give us the best returns, including Tutuka, Kendal, and Kusile. Essentially, over a period of time, they have demonstrated problematic patterns, necessitating additional attention.”

Echoing Ramokgopa’s concerns, Bheki Nxumalo, Eskom’s Group Executive for Generation, acknowledged both the challenges and progress in addressing the issues.

Nxumalo noted, “At least five power stations identified for attention and intervention are beginning to show improvement.”

Highlighting a notable example of progress, Nxumalo pointed to Kusile Power Station, affirming, “Kusile has now turned the corner,” and emphasising its enhanced performance, with availability consistently above 90%.

Electricity Regulation Amendment Bill passed

Furthermore, the recent passing of the Electricity Regulation Amendment (ERA) Bill in the National Assembly marks a significant milestone for South Africa’s electricity sector, according to Minister Ramokgopa.

Ramokgopa underscored the bill’s transformative impact, stating, “This is significant because it’s beginning to reshape the South African energy landscape.”

He explained that one of the primary interventions introduced by the bill is to streamline the production and sale of electricity in South Africa.

He elaborated on the establishment of the Transmission System Operator, managed by the National Transmission Company South Africa, wholly owned by Eskom, and ultimately, by the South African public.

This provision aims to enhance efficiency and accessibility in the electricity sector, ultimately contributing to a more reliable energy supply for South Africa.



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