The Department also found that the schools’ teachers were neither qualified nor are they registered with South African Council for Educators.

The Gauteng Department of Education has embarked on a mission to stamp out illegally operating schools within its areas.

In the first incident, Department officials together with law enforcement descended upon the Takani Primary School in Bloubosrand in Randburg earlier this week.

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Registrations documents

According to the department, the school was found without the proper registration documents. The school was immediately shut down.

Also in the same area, authorities then moved in on Boipuso Primary School. The department reported that the school also could not produce the relevant registration documents. The Department also found that the teachers were neither qualified nor were they registered with the South African Council for Educators. It also noted other compliance issues.

The school was also immediately shut down.

The Citizen attempted to contact the school, but the phones were disconnected and the school’s website was taken down.

What could go wrong if you send your kid to an illegal school

The Department warned parents to be wary of sending their children to schools operating illegally, as it could have severe consequences and inconveniences later on.

“In these schools, it’s common for a single class to have pupils from different grades, and the facilities for teaching and learning may not be up to standard,” the department emphasized.

Parents and pupils need to be aware that if a child from such a school later on decides to apply to public schools or registered independent schools, there’s a chance they may need to repeat a grade.

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Additionally, if authorities discover and shut down these unauthorized schools, parents may face challenges in recovering the fees they’ve paid to the institution.

So, it’s crucial to be cautious and choose educational institutions that meet the necessary standards and regulations.


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