Many prominent actors and actresses join as cast on the eExtra’s new Afrikaans dubbed novela Hart van Goud (Heart of Gold). 

Actors like Biran Damla Yilmaz, Feyyaz Duman, Sumru Yavrucuk, and Burak Yörük played the starring role. The show premiers on Monday, April 3 at 20:30 to replace Verdeelde Liefde.


The telenovela follows the deed of Nehir as she tricks men into falling in love with her. She achieves this with her mother and accomplice Zerrin assisting her.

After Nehir became an orphan and had to fend for herself, Zerrin became her Oliver Twist-type mentor. 

They make men become interested in Nehir until they propose marriage, which is when they’d disappear. Before they leave, they steal the men’s credit cards and any gift they planned for the wedding.

Eventually, Nehir becomes tired of being on the run and hiding. A new man comes into her life after she meets Nerim on an online chat forum.

Nehir likes him and they talked for months and then she cannot wait to meet him in person. She shares pictures of herself with him and expected him to share his own. He refuses to share since he has a wound on his face.

Nerim then shares with her a picture of a different person. 

Full Cast

Hart van Goud is a new Afrikaans dubbed novela which premiered on April 3. The following are the lead characters and voice cast.

RolesVoiced by
Biran Damla Yilmaz as NehirKyla Jansen
Feyyaz Duman as NazimKeenan Herman
Sumru Yavrucuk as ZerrinAmor Tredoux
Burak Yörük as TarikConradie van Heerden
Iman Casablanca as ZahraHannah Borthwick
Mesut Yilmaz as IsmetWian Zeeman
Tuna Orhan as EkremChristo Snyman
Batuhan Bozkurt Yüzgüleç as IbrahimJumaine Hansen
Samil Kafkas as HalilGordon van der Spuy
Irem Tuncer as FulyaAnoecha Kruger
Gizem Karaca as BaharEmma Kotze
Sabriye Kara as TulaySusanne Beyers
Pinar Akin as AzraShannon Williams
Samil Kafkas as HalitGordon van der Spuy

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