Danger signs signal rocky territory for your relationship, and could mean its end.

A danger sign isn’t drinking milk out of the carton, but refers to the more serious things that could impact relationships.

Partners shouldn’t show controlling behaviour, or physical and verbal abuse.

However, many do, and their partners aren’t sure what to do about it.

You should never stay in a relationship making you unhappy. Sometimes, excuses are excuses. Find ways out of relationships with these danger signs.

Here’s what to look for (and what to run from).

Danger signs for your relationship

Relationship danger signs are serious.

They’re the ‘red flags’ you can’t ignore. An ideal partner isn’t controlling, doesn’t cheat, and will treat their addictions.

Are you in an unhappy relationship?

Did your partner do something you’re wondering about?

Check this list for the possible signs.

Scroll to the article’s end to find out what you can do.

Danger sign: Controlling behaviour

Controlling behaviour is wrong.

According to Psychology Today, it can accompany abusive relationships.

If your partner controls what you wear or who you speak to, you’re in the danger zone.

You should decide for yourself.

Nobody else picks your diet, your clothes, or your company.

Danger sign: Verbal or physical abuse

Verbal or physical abuse is common, but also commonly ignored.

You can always walk away from physical confrontation. You are being abused if you don’t have this option.

Abuse is wrong in all its forms.

You’re in the wrong relationship if your partner physically or emotionally hurts.

Danger sign: Lying or cheating

Has your partner lied or cheated?

Sometimes cheating can be worked past. But cheating isn’t always something that only happens once, and it can become a repeat problem.

Ditch a partner who has been cheating on you.

You’re in the wrong relationship if you’re getting hurt.

Danger sign: Addiction

Addiction can be treated, just like common colds or the flu.

If your partner is ignoring their addiction or using it to harm you, your relationship is heading into the rocks.

Avoid partners who won’t acknowledge or fix their addiction.

It has an impact on their lives and yours.

Someone can become addicted to anything from video games to substances. Addiction can also be treated with support.

One more bad sign: Mistrust

Trust is important.

Mistrust isn’t a good thing for you or your partner.

Fix trust issues, or consider this a bad sign.

What now?

Are you in a dangerous relationship?

Contact SAPS for assistance, or visit your nearest Department of Social Development (DSD) office.

You have the right to lay charges and apply for a protection order. Choose your way out.



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