Eskom’s halt on load shedding extends to Sunday, with increased capacity and reduced demand expected.

The Easter long weekend is going to start on a positive note, as load shedding will remain suspended until Sunday at 4pm.

On Tuesday, Eskom announced that rolling blackouts would be suspended until 4pm on Wednesday.

However, the power utility said on Wednesday afternoon that load shedding would remain suspended until Sunday at 4pm.

This is due to the sustained available generation capacity, the planned return to service of 2 300MW of generation capacity by Friday, and the anticipated low demand over the long weekend, the utility said.

“The evening peak demand for tonight is projected to be 27 465MW,” Eskom said.

The power utility added that it will provide an update for the week ahead on Sunday afternoon or communicate should any significant changes occur.

Reduced load shedding in winter

On Monday, Electricity Minister Kgosientsho Ramokgopa said South Africa was likely to experience a decrease in power outages during the winter season compared to last year.

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“As we bring down the planned outages, it means that we are ramping up on available capacity so that we are able to meet demand, and we don’t see the intensification of load shedding,” said Ramokgopa.

The minister said Eskom was actively seeking long-term solutions to address load shedding.

Energy industry reshape

He said this included collaborating with other service providers to incorporate renewable energy sources.

Ramokgopa highlighted the importance of enabling new generation capacity outside of Eskom.

“There is much more that we are doing just outside Eskom to enable new generation capacity so that we can secure a future that is more energy resilient and independent if we are able to attain energy sovereignty,” he said.

He mentioned that the Electricity Regulation Amendment (ERA) Bill has been passed by the National Assembly and will be considered at the National Council of Provinces (NCOP).

He said the ERA Bill aims to reshape the South African energy landscape by facilitating easier production and sale of electricity in the country.

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Additional reporting by: Enkosi Selane


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