Ashley Raphala (born 15 May 1984), best known professionally as DJ Shimza, is a talented and creative South African record producer and DJ. His talent and outstanding performance have drawn attention to him.

His energy during the performance and remarkable work has catapulted him to stardom. Many big names and celebrated artists have been lauded for his work. 

He is famous for making beats for beats and instrumentals for top artists in the South African entertainment industry. He has dropped many unique mixes which have gained him more attention. 

DJ Shimza
DJ Shimza biography
DJ Shimza is a South African Disk Jockey and producer.
Background Information
Full Name: Ashley Raphala
Other Names: DJ Shimza
Born: 15 May 1984 (age 37)
Place of Birth: Swaziland
Nationality: South African
Height: N/A
Parents: N/A
Siblings: Not Married
Girlfriend • Partner: K Naomi(ex.) • Athi Geleba (curr.)
Children: N/A
Occupation: Deejay • Record Producer
Net Worth: $800,000

Early Life

Ashley Raphala, best-known as DJ Shimza was born on 15 May 1984 in Swaziland. He was raised in a landlocked country in Southern Africa. He has not said anything about his father, mother, brother, and sister. He has not said anything about his educational background.


As a deejay, he is one of the most popular and respected and his first album shook the entertainment industry. He dropped his debut album Shimuzic in June 2015.

His outstanding performance throughout the country coupled with his fantastic album has shown him to the world. He is from Tembisa township, Ekurhuleni, and his interest to start House Music as a Disk Jockey could be traced to 2013.

Shimza then grew a strong passion for the field which was evident in the 2006 edition of the Red Square DJ Competition. He took home the winning prize in the competition.

Showing his enthusiasm, the disc jockey entered another competition. In the South African Music Conference DJ Spinoff Competition he emerged winner and received the winner prize.

He entered another competition in the 2011 Gauteng Carnival DJ Competition. As expected of him because of his outstanding skills, he won the competition. The victory he recorded gained him the exposure and the necessary equipment to venture into his deejaying career.

DJ Shimza started a show he titled DJ Shimza’s One Man Show and hosts the show every year.

Social Media

Celebrities take their profession online to further build their presence and fan base. DJ Shimza has also bought the idea, though he is no newbie on social media he joined Twitter in 2010. 

Ever since he has managed to build his online presence letting fans and followers stay connected to his latest through the platform.

He boasts of over one million followers, other celebrities who enjoy what he does follow him too. He is also on Instagram where his work is also made evident. 

Fans and followers stay connected to his work, lifestyle, and upcoming events among others. He also announces his work progress on these media platforms.


Hard work pays off and reaping the fruit of your labor makes the laborer proud. DJ Shimza couldn’t be more proud when he shared the picture of his house. He took a snap containing him, his house, and car no doubt, he is winning career-wise. 

The design of the house drew the attention of many who had good things to say. One of the luxurious cars spotted in the picture was a G-wagon. 

Personal Life


DJ is a proud daddy and took to Instagram to share the picture of him and his daughter in a pool. The popular disk jockey and producer made waves on social media in the #DaughterChallange. His daughter is really cute and looks just like him.


The Deejay who is in his thirties was dating K Naomi for a while. Though their relationship did not get a till death do us part, rather they ended the affair. K Naomi took to social media to expose DJ Shimza after their breakup.

The producer became cagey on his relationship status ever since. In November 2020, DJ Shimza is reportedly dating Athi Geleba. His love life made headlines yet again after he and his girlfriend shared pictures of the same background. 

The picture background shows the sneaker collection of the producer. Reports have it that Athi Geleba serves as the head of digital communication in the presidency.

Net Worth

The gifted Deejay Shimza has grown to be one of the household names in the world. No doubt, the prominent deejay is living the best of his life now. According to The Nation, DJ Shimza is worth around $800,000.