ANC-turned-EFF member Carl Niehaus has clapped back at a troll who criticised his wife for marrying him. Noluthando Mduli – a black female – is 30 years her husband’s junior.

The 64-year-old former military veteran leader set tongues wagging when he married his model spouse in 2022. The young woman is his fourth wife.


Carl niehaus’s clapback comes after he praised his partner in a tweet posted on his X page. In it, Noluthando is seen performing the Come Duze dance challenge, previously made popular by ANC members.

Poking fun at the opposition – and Carl’s former party – the woman wears a red EFF shirt and beret instead.

He tweeted: “My wife is doing the Come Duze challenge in our EFF regalia. Lol, now the ANC people are angry as if they own the challenge”.

According to Bona, the challenge kicked off after a video went viral of an unidentified man wearing an ANC shirt dancing to Vetkuk, Mahoota, and DJ Maporhisa’s song Bula Nthweo.

The trend was then adopted by youth or “Ama2000’s,” who performed the dance challenge wearing fashionable looks in the party’s yellow, black, and green colours.

However, one tweep decided to criticise the couple’s mixed-race marriage and obvious age difference.

@xenofinna72614 tweeted: “This is why staying at school’s important, ladies. School would have spared her blushes”.

Clapping back, Carl Niehaus slammed the troll for their harsh words.

He responded: “You piece of excrement. Don’t you dare insult my wife. What do you know about my wife, her qualifications, the work that she does, and business that she runs? You mess with @noliemdluli; you mess with me. I promise you don’t want to have to deal with me. Voetsek!”


It’s not the first time Carl Niehaus has had to deal with what he believes are “racist” South Africans.

During a trip to Cape Town last week, the politician claimed that he had received “dirty looks” from other white people whilst wearing his EFF regalia.

He tweeted: “I walked out of the coffee shop, the cold staring white eyes followed me. If looks could kill! This is the horrible reality of white-dominated, #DA governed Cape Town – just lurking under a pseudo-polished surface of ‘civility’”.

Criticising those who backed the Cape Independence bid, he added: “We really urgently need TOTAL change! This bloody racist nonsense must immediately come to an end! ‘CapeXit’ se moer! Cape Town and the Western Cape are fully part of South Africa and Africa!”


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