This new function gives WhatsApp users on Android phones the ability to locate conversations from a specific date, reports Android Authority.

Applicable to both individual and group chats, the Android version of WhatsApp is finally getting this feature that’s already on other versions of the app.

By facilitating the search for particular chats, this feature aims to enhance the user experience by selecting a specific date rather than relying on a date range.

In an announcement on his WhatsApp channel, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg shared the news on this WhatsApp feature for Android.

Demonstrating the feature, Zuckerberg searched for a video related to karaoke from a prior conversation.

How to use the ‘search by date’ WhatsApp feature

To search for a chat from a specific date, users must first select the desired contact or group chat to access its details.

Within the chat details, users need to locate the search button positioned just below the contact or group name.

Upon tapping the search button, a calendar icon will appear. When this is tapped, a calendar interface will open, allowing users to choose the date they wish to search for.

The chat group that reigns over South Africa

In related news, records of the ANC’s cadre deployment committee handed over to the DA last week produced some startling revelations.

According to MyBroadband, documents revealed how appointments to key state institutions were made over a WhatsApp group.

The appointments deliberated in the group include the Auditor-General South Africa, the Hawks, and the Information Regulator. It also covered deputy-general roles within the Department of Justice and the Department of Communications.

The group also covered Prasa, the Central Energy Fund, the National Lotteries Commission, the South African Maritime Safety Authority, and the National Port Regulator, among others.



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