Ramaphosa said the ANC was coming back with a bang.

ANC President Cyril Ramaphosa is confident the governing party will get more than 50% votes in the upcoming general elections in Gauteng, saying he can “smell victory.”

Ramaphosa made the remarks in Mamelodi on Sunday while campaigning for the ANC and encouraging voter registration.

Watch Ramaphosa say he can “smell victory” for the ANC in Gauteng

Smell victory

Flanked by Gauteng Premier Panyaza Lesufi, the leader of the ANC said the party was coming back with a bang, as the majority of South Africans still believe in the movement.

“The ANC is going to get more than 50%. This province is the home of the ANC. As I have been going around, people are saying we belong to the ANC and we support the ANC. So, we are confident, I can feel the pulse of our people and I can smell the victory. So, it is going to happen and whether people like it or not, the ANC is going to come back with a bang.”

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Young South Africans

Ramaphosa said the ANC has a “very good democratic dispensation that needs to be supported by all South Africans young and old”.

“Young people must take it upon themselves to register because it is about the future. These coming elections are about the future of this country and the future lies in the hands of young people as they go forward.

“We want them to be interested and deeply involved in our democracy. It is important that they are the authors of their own destinies and be able to say we are taking our destiny and our future into our hands,” Ramaphosa said.

IEC thanks South Africans

Ramaphosa also took the opportunity to listen to the concerns of Mamelodi residents, who mostly had issues with water supply.

Meanwhile the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) has thanked South Africans for coming out in large numbers to ensure that their names are on the voters’ roll.

It marked the second and final voter registration weekend ahead of this year’s elections. However, those who were unable to register can still visit their local municipal offices or do it online to get their name on the voters‘ roll until the election date is proclaimed by Ramaphosa.

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