‘If we do not change course, we will become another failed African state whose citizens are poor.’

Rise Mzansi leader Songezo Zibi has criticised government led by the African National Congress (ANC), while pledging to address the serious challenges facing South Africa.

Zibi delivered a keynote speech at his party’s election manifesto at Heartfelt Arena in Pretoria on Saturday.

The event was held to lure voters in the build-up to the 2024 general elections.

‘Another crossroads’

In his speech, Zibi said he believed the country was in “serious trouble” and “crisis”.

“Although many people may believe politics is a game of empty promises, smoke and mirrors; to us this is no game. This is a life and death situation,” he told Rise Mzansi supporters.

“There is one choice in this election: Are we going to let the ANC continue ruining our lives and the future of our children? We are here today because the answer is a big no.

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“We love our families and communities too much to gamble with their lives by letting thieves stay in power. This is not the future we voted for in 1994, and therefore it is time to move away once again from an abusive system, and leaders who really hate us.”

The Rise Mzansi leader highlighted the importance of the upcoming elections, reiterating the new and popular “2024 is our 1994” slogan.

“1994 was at a crossroads in South Africa’s history. We are at another crossroads now. If we do not change course, we will become another failed African state whose citizens are poor, even though our country has natural resources and wealth,” he said.

Zibi claimed the issues plaguing the country, such as unemployment and crime, was now “worse” than it was twenty years ago.

“Corruption is not just worse; it is the very reason our so-called leaders are even engaged in politics. They even kill one another for the chance to steal from us and destroy our lives. We do not trust the police anymore.

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“We do not trust government officials. Too many people in our society tolerate and defend corrupt people. Some even follow corrupt politicians when, for the 1 millionth time, they lie and say they will put an end to corruption,” the Rise Mzansi leader said.

“This ANC government borrows irresponsibly, spends recklessly and steals whatever the comrades can lay their hands on. Our government’s bank account is close to empty while our so-called leaders live large.

“This is why we are committed to fixing government finances, prosecuting corruption, and spending responsibly to protect the social wage,” he continued.

‘Package of reforms’

Zibi lamented how South Africa was a violent society.

“We are no longer shocked by violence and killing. We just shake our heads and move on. Most of this violence is caused by us, men. We are violent to each other. We are violent to women and children. As a people we have become used to the unacceptable.”

He also indicated that while Rise Mzansi was promising no miracles, the party had “a better vision” and would propose “a package of reforms” that would fix Parliament, government, municipalities and state-owned enterprises (SOEs) to improve the lives of citizens.

“We make it clear that reversing this destruction will be very hard.”

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The Rise Mzansi leader added South Africans would not be fooled by the “names and faces that laid the groundwork for the destruction” of the country.

“Even when they form new political parties, wear new T-shirts and sing different slogans, we know who they are. We will not be fooled again. They are all the same. They steal. They lie. They promise too much, but they are all the same, corrupt to the core.”

Watch the event below:


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