Non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and nonprofit organisations (NPOs) play a vital role in society by filling gaps in public services, advocating for marginalised groups, and driving positive social change.

In order to mark World NGO Day on Tuesday 27 February, and celebrate NGOs’ initiatives and achievements, Inyathelo is  hosting an open day at its Civil Society Hub in Woodstock, Cape Town.

South Africa had 280 329 NGOs registered with the Department of Social Development (DSD) at end-September 2023. Inyathelo, established in 2002, helps other NGOs to build capacity and ensure their long-term sustainability.

The World NGO Day keynote speaker is development consultant Fatima Shabodien, who focuses on strategic management. Ms Shabodien holds a master’s degree in International Peace Studies (Notre Dame, Indiana), and an MPhil. degree in Development Studies (Sussex). Her social justice activism dates back to her high school years in the anti-apartheid movement. Her address will focus on the historical role of the civil society sector and the current political climate.

NGOs will have the opportunity to access several sources of information and support:

  • Inyathelo will present an overview of its facilities, services and resources.
  • Phambano Technology Development Centre, which specialises in technology capacity-building in civil society organisations, will be represented.
  • Staff from NPOwer, a mental health support programme and helpline established by the  SA Depression and Anxiety Group, will also be in attendance.
  • Representatives from the DSD’s NPO Directorate and the South African Revenue Service will be available to assist with registration and compliance issues.

“World NGO Day is when organisations share knowledge, experiences, and information on what they are doing for society, locally, nationally and internationally,” says Inyathelo acting executive director Feryal Domingo. “It is also an opportunity to discuss issues that affect our work, and to form partnerships in order to resolve shared problems.”

Domingo encourages NGOs to apply to exhibit their services at the open day, and to provide a short voice clip about the role they play in their communities.

Open Day: 27 February 2024| Time: 09:00-13:00| Venue: 2nd Floor, The Armoury, Buchanan Square, 160 Sir Lowry Road, Woodstock, Cape Town. Refreshments will be available.

Find out more about Inyathelo: https://www.inyathelo.org.za/ | email  info@inyathelo.org.za

Confirm open day attendance: RSVP

Submit an application to showcase NGO work: guidelines.

Find out more about World NGO Day: https://worldngoday.org/

Note to Editors

There are 10 million+  NGOs and nonprofits worldwide, and 50 million+  NGO and nonprofit workers globally. The universal concept of World NGO Day is to celebrate, commemorate and collaborate with NGOs around the world, and the people behind them who contribute to society all year around. It aims to inspire people to become more actively involved within the NGO sector and to encourage greater interaction between NGOs and the public and private sectors. World NGO Day Is marked and celebrated in at least 96 countries.

Representatives of NGOs, the Department of Social Development and other organisations at Inyathelo’s Civil Society Hub on World NGO Day 2023.

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