Matriculants that are disappointed with their exam results have options available to them.

Ahead of matric results being released, the Department of Basic Education is encouraging pupils to pursue alternative paths if they don’t achieve the results they had hoped for.

The department outlined a number of options available to matric pupils who are disappointed with their results.

Remarking and rechecking

The department recommends that candidates dissatisfied with their exam results apply for remarking or rechecking of their answer scripts. Application forms are available at schools and examination centres where the exams were taken, as well as district offices. 

Supplementary examinations

For candidates who fall just short of meeting the minimum requirements, there’s an opportunity for supplementary examinations. These exams are available for pupils needing a maximum of two subjects to obtain the National Senior Certificate. Additionally, candidates facing medical issues, bereavement, or other special circumstances, accompanied by documentary evidence, may also qualify.

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Pupils who do not meet the criteria for supplementary exams can re-enroll at a school, provided they meet the age requirement (under 21 years of age). This offers them a second chance to write exams for the Grade 12 National Senior Certificate.

Options for pupils over 21

For matric pupils who have failed and are over the age of 21, there are other options.

They can register as part-time candidates or enroll at adult education centres. Participation in programmes at these centres is free and open to both young people and adults who have not completed their formal schooling.

The department also recommends exploring vocational options, such as further education and training colleges.


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