Songezo Zibi speaks about his thoughts on the possibilities of a coalition government in South Africa.

The leader of Rise Mzansi Songezo Zibi has criticised the DA for writing to the United States government asking for it to monitor the South African elections in May.

In an interview on The Citizen’s politics podcast The Movement, Zibi said the DA had crossed the line and brought the country under international scrutiny. He expressed full confidence in the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC).

Zibi said Rise Mzansi boasted competent leaders who could push South Africa in the right direction. He said the party placed emphasis on putting the right candidates in suitable positions to ensure the effective functioning of government departments and state companies.

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Zibi also spoke about the land issue and the party’s position of land and black economic empowerment (BEE).

In the interview, Zibi disputed receiving funds from foreign governments to overthrow the ANC.

He said Rise Mzansi has received donations from some wealthy individuals but also said the party had turned down significant donations which either had strings attached or came from questionable sources.

According to Zibi, the EFF and ANC were intimidated by the new party because it had young and competent leaders who were ready to lead.

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Zibi also discussed the difference between ActionSA, DA, SARA, BOSA and Rise Mzansi.  

The former journalist also explained his reasons for leaving the media and forming a political organisation that will contest elections for the first time.

Watch the podcast with Rise Mzansi’s Songezo Zibi:


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