Phumlani Alfred Mike Nkosi has been sentenced for murder and rape, deemed unfit to possess firearm, and added to National Sex Offenders Register.

The community of Lindelani in Benoni, Ekurhuleni, can now breathe a sigh of relief after Phumlani Alfred Mike Nkosi, who was feared by his community, was recently sentenced to two life terms for murder and rape.

Nkosi, 41, was sentenced to two life terms for two counts of premeditated murder, 12 years direct imprisonment for rape, eight years direct imprisonment for attempted murder, eight years direct imprisonment for attempted robbery with aggravating circumstances, and three months for two counts of assault by a Pretoria High Court sitting in Benoni.

The court also ordered that he be declared unfit to possess a firearm and his name be registered in the National Register for Sex Offenders.

Nkosi’s sentencing is in relation to three different violent incidents that happened between 2012 and 2021.

Incident 1: 24 March, 2011

According to the National Prosecuting Authority (NPA), in the early hours of 24 March 2011, he was at a Lindelani tavern when Nkosi got into an argument with another customer and took out a knife.

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The elderly tavern owner, a woman, told Nkosi to leave, but on his way out, he started assaulting her with an open hand.

“Muzi Moletsho, who was also at the tavern, tried to intervene and stop Nkosi from assaulting the woman; in doing so, Nkosi stabbed him to death in the chest and fled the scene,” said NPA regional spokesperson Lumka Mahanjana.

Incident 2: 6 December, 2020

On 6 December, 2020, nine years later, Nkosi went up to Sabelo Mthimkhulu, a resident in the same neighbourhood, and accused him of breaking into his house and taking his belongings. He then instructed him to bring back the stolen goods before the end of the day.

“When the goods were not returned, Nkosi went back to Mthimkhulu, stabbed him to death, and fled the scene,” Mahanjana said.

Incident 3: 19 November, 2021

In the third incident on 19 November 2021, a 33-year-old man and his girlfriend were walking back from the local tavern in Lindelani at night when they were approached by Nkosi. 

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“He then stabbed the man to death and dragged the girlfriend to a nearby toilet, where he raped her and fled the scene. After investigations, Nkosi was arrested at his place of residence on 3 March 2022, and has been in custody since the NPA successfully opposed bail,” Mahanjana said.

According to the NPA, Nkosi pleaded not guilty in court to all his charges and asked the court to deviate from imposing the prescribed minimum sentences on the charges of premeditated murder.

However, Advocate Lawrence More, the state prosecutor, argued that Nkosi was a dangerous man who had been found guilty of serious crimes that he had perpetrated in and around his community, making him feared by his neighbours.

More also told the court that Nkosi was previously convicted of assault in 2004.

‘No remorse’

“When handing down the sentence, Judge Ian Cox said Nkosi showed no remorse and failed to take responsibility for his deeds. When looking at the offences, it is evident that Nkosi is a violent person who constantly used a knife in all his offences,” Mahanjana said.

The NPA further welcomed the sentencing.

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