Zille’s own version of cadre deployment included a patronage network of DA associates in the Western Cape, says Maimane.

More parties have entered the tiff between the African National Congress (ANC) and DA over cadre deployment, with Bosa leader Mmusi Maimane requesting the DA to make public its files on cadre deployment.

This comes after DA federal chairperson Helen Zille tweeted on X seemingly confirming that DA also practiced cadre deployment, adding that it was introduced under Maimane but was later cancelled.

The tweet has since been deleted.

‘FedEx approves appointments’

Maimane’s statement follows Xiluva party leader Bongani Baloyi’s post on X who detailed how appointments by the DA are strictly approved by its federal executive.

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Maimane is a former leader of the DA, while Baloyi was the DA mayor of MidVaal Municipality.

DA ‘patronage network’

Build One SA (Bosa) denied Zille’s accusation that Maimane introduced the policy while DA leader.

The party called on Zille to release all minutes of the federal executive (FedEx) in which Maimane was present, including ones capturing a decision to do away with the policy.

“There was no such a policy in the DA under Maimane. In fact, when he took office, Zille’s own cadre deployment policy – “fit for purpose” was expunged.

“That policy led to what appears to be a patronage network of DA persons and affiliates in the City of Cape Town and Western Cape,” the party said.

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According to Maimane, Zille’s “nearest and dearests” such as Ryan Coetzee, Penny Tainton and Wesgrow CEO Tim Harris were appointed to senior government posts by the DA.

Cadre deployment documents saga

The public mudslinging between the two biggest political parties continued this week after the ANC’s release of its cadre deployment documents as directed by the Constitutional Court.

The DA on Friday threatened to charge ANC secretary-general Fikile Mbalula with contempt of court.

The party said there was missing information in the files handed over by the ANC, including correspondence with President Cyril Ramaphosa.

Ramaphosa was head of the ANC cadre deployment committee during former President Jacob Zuma’s tenure.

According to DA leader John Steenhuisen, the ANC extensively redacted the documents despite not being entitled to do so by the court order.

“They failed to provide a list of all decisions taken by the cadre deployment committee, as ordered by the court, they impermissibly restricted communication disseminated during the year 2020 and they furnished illegible documents,” Steenhuisen said.

On Thursday, Mbalula accused the DA of dishonesty.

He defended his party’s cadre deployment policy adding the DA’s “real plan” was to have transformational policies declared unlawful.

Meanwhile, the DA announced on Thursday that it would appeal the North Gauteng High Court cadre deployment ruling that favoured the ANC.

Its application to declare the policy unconstitutional was dismissed with costs.

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