Joshua Maponga (born in Zimbabwe) is a popular motivational speaker, social entrepreneur, and musician. The renowned personality is also a philosopher and leader. He is passionate about community development which has led him to work with several big organizations.

He has worked with Visio Design House and Entrepreneurial Development South Africa. Joshua has also worked with the organization in United Kingdom Global Management Center.

He is also a popular face on television and appears on DSTV channel 331 on a program “Joshua”.

The speaker has managed to make a name for himself in the industry. Joshua is among the most sought after personalities for his knowledge and thought on the principles of life.


Joshua Maponga biography
Joshua Maponga biography. (Image: Instagram/mapongaj)
NameJoshua Maponga
Place of birthZimbabwe
NicknameA Creative Powerhouse
ProfessionMotivational speaker, philosopher, leader, musician, entrepreneur
Alma materConstruction Entrepreneurial Training
Andrews University, USA
Marital statusMarried


The effective communicator holds a degree in Philosophy. He furthered his academic pursuit after enrolling in the Construction Entrepreneurial Training (CET). The ILO platform has held many to develop their talents in consulting.

He boasts of several years of experience in corporate, religious, and social platforms. Many seem to love his exceptional & vibrant way of thinking and rather call him “A Creative Powerhouse“.

Management is another thing the popular figure is good at, at the Institute of Farmers of Thought, Joshua is the C.E.O.

He is also a graduate of Philosophy (BA theology) and Personal Ministries. He obtained the degree from Andrews University, the heart of Michigan, the United States.

He is also qualified from several global institutes and specializes in banking and project management. Joshua also specializes in a non-profit organization, branding, among others.

Joshua has held ministration both here in South Africa and other African countries. He has ministered in Zimbabwe, Lesotho, Nigeria, Kenya, and Botswana.


Maponga has worked with several companies including Absa World Vision, SALGA, SAPO, PRASA, SAPS, and Milpark College. His managerial skills have earned him several top positions and involvements in many corporate engagements.

Joshua Maponga is a minister and qualified at the Seventh Day Adventist Church since 1991. Although rumors have it that he leaves SDA church.


Joshua is a husband and father. He is married and has two (2) girl children. He wrote a book and the birth and growth of his children drove him to be an author of the book Shopping Skills.


On 27 July 2020, Zimbabwean Observer reported that Seven Days Adventist Church has suspended the renowned pastor. Joshua has been advocating the decolonization of the Christian faith.

He says that it depicts a “white Jesus” and “white culture” and that the Christian messiah was not of the “caricature colonial” Christian portrayal of him.

A letter that was signed by Michael Rugube Ngwaru, contained concerns by the Church on the content of the Pastor Maponga gospel and the manner it was communicated.

Since then, Joshua Maponga has been banned so not allowed to attend, speak, preach, and officiate any function of the Church in Southern and Indian-Ocean regions.

Gay remarks

A few years ago, in 2018, the minister was dragged to court for making claims on gay people on January that year. He mentioned that “homosexuals are lower than animals”. The statement landed the bishop at the Port Elizabeth Equality Court.

He admitted that he may have gone too far, the bishop sees no reason to be “hanged on the cross”, in his own words, and expected to change the bible or church policies.

Joshua ended up in court after he was dragged by the South African Human Rights Commission following what he said. He made the utterance on 13 January during a service at the Seventh Day Adventist church, KwaMagxaki.

It seemed he was on his own after the church had it distance itself from his comment and said that “he was not a church official”.

A 43-year-old church member, Zolani Simayi, of East London, claimed that the preacher used “derogatory terms about gay people insinuating that “dogs were not as confused as gay people in that when male dogs wanted to mate they looked for female dogs”.


15 thoughts on “Joshua Maponga biography, age, profile, education, church, family

  1. I just want to thank you Sir for your very powerful,and life changing motivations keep going you are actually doing a great Job may the dear Lord continue to give you more Wisdoms

    1. This is total embassing,even a male dog looks for a female dog to mate, how that be possible, it’s total ambarrasing uncultured

  2. I like and admire Mr Maponga n as for being gay it’s just a decision you make….As a free country and our government is not against it yet our culture n customs as Africans were not considered…

  3. I have never met a man so liberated and free in the entirety as Moponga. I believe so much in his ideology of decolonizing Christianity. Too much damage has been done to the exegetical gospel, due to the hypocrisy of the Church in Africa, tactically synthesized by the colonization of the gospel.
    The Lord bless your ministry Sir.

  4. On the gay issue he was spot on how can you sleep with your fellow man or woman when dogs are able to distinguish the difference which makes homosexuals lower than dogs.we tend to sugar coat issues that are understandable

    1. He was right. Dogs are able to distinguish, but how come some humans fail to do so. They must be lower than animals in thinking.

  5. Thanks to Bishop Joshua Maponga,he just fulfill my understanding and interpretation of believing in the true life and it’s experiences, keep going you might bring about changes into people’s lives.

    1. I am amazed at the wisdom of Pastor Maponga. I pray Jesus over his life and the life of his family.. his girls.

  6. Just like Pst Maponga,I was too expelled from SDA church because of being a liberal thinker and associating with people from other religions.
    The western people have succeeded in suppressing the Africanism in us through religion.

  7. How can God give you brains and not allow you to think.

    His language and speeches need high order thinking. If your thinking is low you will always miss Maponga and condemn him.

    Most of Africans are drunk with religion. Remember that religion is an opium. Question your intellectual capability if you can not see sense in what Maponga advocates

    1. Where is Minister Maponga? I admire his intellect. Just one of those I would love to meet. I am one of those kicked out of the Roman Catholic Church for being liberal. I admire him to be my Mentor. The problem is how to meet him. Glory be to God. Amen.

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