If you are experiencing strong emotions of stress, anxiety, depression, self-harm thoughts and any other unusual emotions reach out for help.

Matric results will be released in a week’s time. As expected, a lot of matriculants are anxious about receiving their results, however for some this anxiety and stress might last longer.

The end of high school is a milestone, and while others will be celebrating achieving this milestone, others will be stressed, demotivated and anxious about the future. But we got you! Here at The Citizen we have some tips to help you through this moment of anxiety while waiting and after receiving your results.

Tips to deal with the stress

Surround yourself with your peers or people going through the same thing as you. It is always easier and much more fun to deal with stress by sharing it with people you relate to.

Focus on your hobbies and interests. It is important to keep busy and have other things on your mind to keep you from fixating on your results. You can do this by exercising, getting a part-time job or just spending time with loved ones.

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Do not ignore or shy away from your feelings, face them head on so they do not build up into bigger issues. Journal your feelings, focus on the effects of each emotion on your mind and body.

To better regulate and manage your emotions, practice the 5-4-3-2-1 grounding.

Where to look for assistance

It is normal to be disappointed about your results because that shows just how much you were invested.

If you are not happy with your marks, you can visit the Department of Basic Education website to apply for a remark.

Do not throw a pity party for yourself. Sit down with a mentor (it can be a former teacher or loved one), introspect and come up with viable plans of action.

Visit your school for more information about supplementary exams and corresponding.

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The outcome of your results does not define you or your future. There is no shame in repeating a grade, it simply means you want better for yourself and future.

Mental health support

If you are experiencing strong emotions of anxiety or depression, self-harm thoughts and any other unusual emotions that may last visit the following sites to reach out for help:

SADAG: The South African Depression and Anxiety Group

National 24-hour Helpline: 0800 12 13 14

Suicide Crisis Line: 0800 567 567


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