Who is Gilmore?

Muhammed Gilmore Adekunle is a Nigerian comedian, content creator, and skit maker who uses TikTok and Instagram as his platform for sharing his content. He started skit-making on Instagram in 2022 and since then has been dropping content regularly.

Although he is considered one of the new and upcoming skit makers, he has been able to make significant waves online. He captures humor from everyday situations that Nigerians can relate to.

Recently at the Trendupps Awards 2023, Gilmore was nominated for the force of comedy skit. He has also been presented with the opportunity to create content for the Nike brand this year.

Gilmore’s Early Life and Education

Gilmore hails from Nigeria, where he currently lives. However, there isn’t much information about his early life and education on the net.

Gilmore’s Comedy Career

Gilmore started skit-making on Instagram in early 2022. Since then he has gathered a lot of fans with his creative content both on TikTok and Instagram. He currently has over three hundred and ninety-two thousand (392K) followers on Instagram where he has made over 250 posts.

In 2022, he reached out to Nike expressing his esteem for them and desire to collaborate with them. In 2023, he was granted the opportunity when Nike reached out to him to create content for the well-known brand. At the Trendupps Awards 2023, Gilmore was nominated for “the Force of Comedy Skit” award alongside other fast-rising skit makers.

Gilmore’s Personal Life

Gilmore is currently single and lives in Nigeria. Regrettably, there isn’t any further information on the skit maker’s personal life.

Gilmore’s Social Media Handles

You can connect with him on the following social media handles;

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How old is Gilmore?

Even though his exact date of birth is unknown, he is probably in his early 20s.

Where is Gilmore from?

The young skit maker’s exact State of Origin is still unknown, however, he hails from Nigeria.

What is Gilmore’s Net Worth?

There is no verified information on the comedian’s net worth.

What is Gilmore’s real name?

His full name is Muhammed Gilmore Adekunle.

How long has Gilmore been into skit-making?

He started skit-making in early 2022.


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